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Nintendo at E3, if we can call it that

Honestly, I was holding off doing Nintendo because they did. Like seriously if I am not mistaken they did 2:30 of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, not 2:30 am or pm 2 HOURS and 30 MINUTES of ONE DAMN GAME. And then they threw in some new pokemon Sun and Moon. No, that isn’t a joke. Nintendo gave so few fucks about your E3 viewership, that while they did confirm in a later press conference that the Nintendo NX did exist, they didn’t speak on it. They didn’t speak on Metroid, or Mario Bros(that I saw, I may go back and watch it a third time, but it was like Zelda, more Zelda, and another person playing Zelda). I’m serious, if I was talking shit about the guy who was dieing in the FF XV demo because he looked like he never played the game in his life, the guy who ran up on the big rock monster, in low level gear, and got ONE SHOTTED, yeah THAT man totally lost the internet.

You supposed to be showing us how cool Nintendo is, and as if they were self trolling Nintendo focused on ONE GAME, and then to troll YOURSELF you die, during your play through, OF THE MAIN NINTENDO GAME WE SEE, that supposedly you have been playing during the whole development. I can see some of yall don’t believe me, so here it is Nintendo E3 2016. Matter of fact:

Dear Sony,

I apologize for complaining about how many VR games you showed during your E3 showcase. Here I thought you were wrong as shit for trying to show people something they would have to pay 400 dollars MORE just to play, plus the price of the game. But Nintendo, Nintendo just showed me that fuck deficits don’t come with a bunch of games that may not even sell because it’s 300+ dollar peripheral cutting edge. No they just said “fuck it, you only want to see one game from us for 3 hours oh and Pokemon”

Yes I said that there was a SECOND E3 game Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, they played that for like 40 minutes. Like seriously, they had LIVE step aways where they just showed you folks walking around their treehouse(which a giant monster from the new Zelda game) and kept playing Zelda, until they decided to start showing you new Pokemon. When I tell you that this isn’t Nintendo hate, cause Nintendo showed complete disdain for my time it ain hate. This is exactly what they hell they did. So yeah, Nintendo the new Zelda game looked awesome, really easy to pick up, the cooking system is nice, and that was an interesting new pokemon game but ummm


What else you got?


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