When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

From annnoying to what the fuck in 2 hours

Yes, that is the title of my day. Now for those of you who have only RECENTLY found my language free(a joke on weapons free I am a gamer) blog, you may think this is a little harsh. Let me explain why it isn’t:

SO round about Thursday my toilet decided it didn’t want to flush properly, *annoyed as hell face* so like any other adult, I pulled up my big boy pants, took everything off the back of the toilet and then checked to see what was wrong. Half of the “flapper”(that is the ACTUAL term, don’t believe me? Go to Home Depot and look in the plumbing section, like so) had come off the valve stem. I’m assuming this is the flapper that had been in there since the toilet had been installed because it had some odd looking tannish slime on it. Big boy pants were already up, I wasn’t happy but I reached my had in there, readjusted the flapper so that it was on both sides, made sure that the toilet flushed correctly, THOROUGHLY washed my hands, and went about my day.

That is until Saturday when the side that was JUST FUCKING FINE decided it wanted to tear like the drawstring of a trash bag when you are trying to pull it out of the can and it is only a quarter full. “But how do you know it tore, do you have a see through toilet?” Hell no, eeeeew that just sounds disgusting. I know because I once again pulled the top off the back of the toilet, looked, and said “FUUUUCK ME!” Granted I work Saturdays so I figured it could wait a day, which it did and I would go to Home Depot the next morning and buy whatever new doohickey I needed to fix it. It was actually pretty cheap too, less than 6 bucks. So I buy it, come home, install it aaaaand I figure “well your doing work in the bathroom anyway, might as well clean it.” Which I did, cleaned the shower, the tub, the toilet, and the sink. Then I decided to gone head and mop the floor, cause why not. Now if you live in or around the midsouth I know you have probably seen that it’s been hot as a dog ass on the porch, so of course I started sweating and figured meh lets take a break and play some games.

Which I did, loggged on to Gems of War, started playing a few matches when all the sudden I hit the home button and all hell breaks loose. Instead of finishing the “miniaturization” my Xbox reboots, meh whatever. I see the Xbox boot screen, hear the little noise, and then I see writing. wait wtf is this. “restart console or trouble shoot” trouble shoot what? Bitch if you don’t. so of course I reboot the damn console, which brings me right back to the same screen. Now I know I used to be king of the red ring of PSYCHE YOUR MIND(yes until it really and truly died if my old Xbox 360 got the red ring of death all you had to do was turn it off for 30 secs and BOOM back to your gaming) so I figured my xbox was fucking with me. So I turned it off, unplugged it, counted to some arbitrary ass number, and restarted it

To get back to the same fucking screen. Okay, there is an error code: e200 00000074 00000000, and my os number plus some weird ass xbox code behind it. I go on an internet search, cause I want to know what the fuck just happened. Like how the fuck did my Xbox just die out of nowhere? Seems that error code is the equivalent of the old Red ring of death, for the new generation. Accept this ain my old launch 360, nope, so I’m looking up every tip and trick HOPING not to have to reset my console. Problem is if the button resets don’t work you have to download a 3 GB file, that has to be loaded from an NTFS flash drive, and you possibly have to wait for a secondary update. Problem is I didn’t have any extra thumb drives so OFF to Best Buy I go to give them more of my money. I swear they just pretend not to know my phone number I’m in there for work so much.

I get over to the row where the flash drives USUALLY are(cause I don’t need anything huge, this is probably a one off at best) and they don’t have a single drive. Like I was seriously being trolled today, what is it with me and devices that I tend to use on a daily basis fucking with me, first the toilet, then my Xbox and now Best Buy doesn’t have any thumb drive smaller than 32 gigabytes over here in the laptop section. Granted I didn’t give up so after walking a few more aisles I found an 8 gb for 4.99. Walked around to see if they had any more paid for it and rode back to the house. Formatted the drive, stuck it in the xbox, rebooted it AAAAAAAND it updates. Then after startinng to install the update it gives me the same damn screen(you funky bitch).

Okay, okay, are we really here? Is this how this shit is going to go? Granted I can hit the troubleshoot screen so I don’t have to use the nuclear option reset, I am able to reset it with all my games and apps intact(and thankfully I am a member of Xbox live so it apparently saved my game saves) but still do you know what it feels like to POSSIBLY have to deep six all the hard work you did in various games(like Madden, CoD, FALLOUT 4, and HALO). Still, that means I am going to have to redownload all that FORMERLY readily available save data from the cloud(FUCK ME). Seriously though, why today ALL I was doing was taking a few minutes rest and playing a mostly relaxing puzzle game. I guess I should have known something was up because my twitch and XLEi hadn’t worked for a few days(they do now). Hell they wouldn’t even let me delete the apps to try and redownload them to fix a potential glitch(well I’ll be damned). Currently I am waiting on it to resync my fallout 4 files, which granted I haven’t beat the game, nor am I even that high a level(currently level 31, I do more exploring and building of towns/upgrading my weapons than anything) but still I do have a lot of things I like and want to continue to use. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take since I guess it has to go through and put all my shit back. So glad I hadn’t bought the season pass yet WHEW, I would hate to see how long it took to download that stuff. Or if I had already started building my own vault smh.

Yeah so it wasn’t fun but hopefully the worst is over


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