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2016 a quick review of my geekdom

End of the year things got crazy and hectic so I never did the blog for the last few movies I watched. I did one for Deadpool, I did one for Batman v Superman(one of these days I will watch the extended version so I could see how much they cut out to give us CONCENTRATED suck), I watched Civil War, Age of Wesuckatthis I mean Apocalypse(dude clothespins were needed), Jason Bourne(which was good though a little repetitive), Suicide Squad(damn good job with that movie, which means DC can do a good NON Batman centric comic movie, maybe it’s just Snyder), Doctor Strange and Rogue one. I would bitch that Star Wars seems to be kissing up to my mother since they keep putting out movies around her birthday but if it wasn’t for the lady I wouldn’t like Sci Fi like I do. I had wanted to see a lot more movies in 2016 but my schedule didn’t line up like I wanted it to.

Usually I also read a few books here and there being that I have a tablet with a sim card in it, but I got bogged down with two books John Carter of Mars(hardback) and The Bone Clocks(digital, I own the physical book given to me by a friend but it just bogged down on me). John Carter after a while it was just explaining too much, I know when the story was written they had never SEEN the red planet up close, we’ve sent probes, we’ve remodeled various movie sets to better accommodate what Mars most likely(or absolutely since like I said PROBES with video) looks like so while I can appreciate the need to explain it in the most minute detail to readers of his era, for me it’s like “fam, you are putting too big a break in the action to explain this. Yes the world looks wonderful but about this ass JC was just kicking.” Of course the worst part about it is that I bought a book that is like 5 books in one so me not finishing it means I haven’t finished 5 books not one. I also got through a Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy and most of “The cafe at the end of the universe” I have the hardback of the compendium(sweet) but I already had the digital copies so it is still in the plastic, pristine, unblemished by grubby fingers.As is often the case the world we live in is FULL of surprises, we have elected a new president (doh!)  and that is as much as I want to address that right now, I have been enjoying some of the newer TV shows that graced our screen in 2016, Daredevil season 2 on Netflix was the bomb, and Luke Fucking Cage wow. The music, the scenery, the stories and yes the character no Micheal Colter isn’t as big in real life as actual Luke Cage in the comics(Luke is taller than Cap and Wider), but he definitely gave you the look and even the fan service. I know Defenders is coming out this year and if Iron Fist is anything like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage I can’t wait. I know they are also giving us a Punisher netflix series this year and that at some point Cloak and Dagger are going to get a decent run somewhere. FX is about to debut a show about Legion so we are finally going to have an X show back on TV in some capacity(hasn’t been an animated X-men in a while, and since Mutant X way way back in the day and the Tomorrow People recently haven’t had any live action) so it will be interesting to see exactly how fox ties him in with their movie universe before they just sell to Disney/Marvel.

Which yes if you are asking me personally they should just make a deal like Sony and let Marvel handle the universe and characters they are squandering, I know there is a post on here somewhere about AoA, smh when I say awesome characters and potential wasted, as well as chunk blowing when it comes to reintroducing the Phoenix character that he screwed up introducing the first time. And Once Again BOBBY FUCKING DRAKE was an ORIGINAL X-MAN, so if you are going to rescrew I mean reset the timeline why not do it right? Oh wait because Brian Singer doesn’t care about the source material just throwing some explosions into a scene, oh and finally giving you another decent Wolverine gorefest. The potential that movie had, how all he had to do was read a few comics, watch a few cartoons and just COPY what the fuck decent comic/cartoon writers had done and just not said “I have this awesome idea that is gonna totally suck.” Like I’m mad a Zack Snyder but I didn’t like his Man of Steel so I think the problem is basically he doesn’t understand the character well enough(Superman) which is why he keeps screwing the pooch, Singer had two other people take over, show him what did and didn’t work, worked with them on Days of Future Past and still found a way to fuck up Age of Apocalypse.

Okay, done with that the CW TV for the most part is doing an awesome job with their properties the home of the BETTER DC Superheroes(for the most part, Legends still needs some polish) is giving us some pretty good TV. The Flash season 3 is riveting(they do suck with the season 2 heart rip, like I guessed JWS was gonna be Jay Garrick but wow how could you before the reveal), while Arrow is SLIGHTLY bogging down now that Oliver doesn’t have a love life, Felicity is slumming it(unless he turns out to be a colossal big bad I have to catch up) look she went from a Super Hacker, to a billionaire(Ray Palmer), To a Vigilante Billionaire(Oliver), too Mr. I’m a decent cop? Also I think they need to smooth out the new team better I’m a few episodes behind but while the team is okay there are a lot of rough edges. And while I remember how rough it was when they were building original Team Arrow, for some reason this one feels more awkward even with Dig there. I’m loving Curtis as Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog is like Ollie Jr. but he makes so many mistakes you really get annoyed by some of the green shit he does(green as in raw/rookie), as for the girl who USED to be Black Canary 3 and now Artemis I don’t know I want to like her but then it’s like meh. Oh and the dude in the rags is useful but emo, I like that Speedy is trying to do SOMETHING to quell her blood lust and maybe find her own way after last years season finale, she has paid a lot of prices(which technically as the rich party girl she did rack up one HELL of a Karma Tag) but it’s nice to see her putting her nose to the grind stone.


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  1. Nice review. I don’t watch a lot of those shows. But, I did get a chance to see Luke Cage and I loved it. The movie was awesome! I enjoyed Civil War. I want to see Underworld.

    01/11/2017 at 2:52 PM

    • Yeah I hope to be able to see underworld in the next couple of days, transportation and schedule permitting.

      I doubt anyone is gonna miss the craziness of 2016, but it was a decent year for entertainment and sports. And as long as you can find a few silver linings you know things aren’t all bad.

      01/12/2017 at 10:49 AM

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