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The Ultimate Shell Game:The Flash mystery of the Mask(5/15/16)

If you happen to be a fan of the CW’s The Flash live action show you know that season two has one giant mystery: Who is under the mask that is being held by Xoom on Earth 2. Now most of us agree that it is Jay Garrick, the thing is what we haven’t asked is WHO is Jay Garrick. And I’m starting to think it isn’t actor Teddy Sears, mainly because he has admitted to being Hunter Zolomon, and everything he points to say Hunter Zolomon on top of a bombshell that was dropped last week. And due to this Bombshell I think the CW is going to do the awesomely impossible:They are going to put John Wesley Shipp back in a flash costume.

Wait what? Hold on am I crazy, JWS used to be the Flash but come on how could they put him back in the suit. I actually have a few theories on that:

Henry Allen recently let it slip that his MOTHER’S maiden name was Garrick. Not Barry’s, because we have already seen Earth 2 Barry Allen, and he isn’t a Speedster but somehow we DIDN’T SEE Henry, I find that odd. You show Joe, but not Henry this should be the awesome world where Barry’s Parents are alive and we have all our favorite heroes minus our favorite speedster.

Hunter Zolomon KNEW Jay Garricks backstory, the actual Jay Garrick from the comics. That is to weird and crazy to make up, and Hunter Zolomon was a convict not a scientist. He needed everyone else to invent those serums for him he couldn’t do it by himself. Hunter also admitted that the Jay he killed was a Hunter from a different earth, now that the secret is out he is talking about the Hunter Zolomon backstory not the Jay Garrick. Stealing someone’s speed and identity would be an ultimate mindfuck and we know how Xoom loves those.

Teddy Sears isn’t actually old enough to be Jay, Jay Garrick should be a good 20 or 30 years older than Barry. If you ever look at the Cartoons or the Comics when Jay shows up he is either Salt and Pepper or else gray haired. Teddy looks to be in his late 30’s tops while he could be a mentor to young Barry he isn’t really the father figure type, which Jay Garrick is to ALL SPEEDSTERS.

It would Explain why Hunter keeps his face hidden, now that everyone knows who Xoom is, hiding the face under the mask would make no sense everyone already knows. But if you see JWS under that mask first nothing would have stopped Barry from breaking out Henry, second why didn’t Jay free this speedster sooner as well as it MAY have put fake Jay’s identity into question. Guy in the mask Jay can speak, only communicate through window taps, he can’t hear but can’t get any sound out EVER.

It would be one of the most awesome TV moments ever, and everybody loves those. John Wesley Shipp was an awesome Flash, I think the budget for the show as well as the cheesiness of Flash’s villains kind of did him in at the time. Shows with high CGI budgets rarely last long unless they take off quickly, especially on Network TV.


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