When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I’m thinking of doing “Worst movies of 2016” blog


I don’t know about you but 2016 had some real dumpster fires as far as movies were concerned and honestly I wouldn’t mind talking about them, I mean how can you have know what good is if you never saw bad? And exactly how bad is bad? Now I know there are a couple of movies that I saw that I would love to throw on the trash heap of movie history, but some of them say like Batman v Superman made enough money that they justify a sequel even if they completely enraged the fan base, or if not the die hards then comic fans and movie goers alike. I’m gonna leave this poll up for a week to see what people(if any come by) think.

And yes you see an option up there for me to have to go and watch the movies that either didn’t make back their production budget, or while they made back their budget severely under-performed in every other area so that a studio is POSSIBLY rethinking it’s course of action as far as planned sequels are concerned(2014’s Amazing Spider-man 2 comes to mind, yes it appears to have made it’s 200-250 million dollar production budget back but it nowhere near met expectations of a billion dollar world-wide blockbuster). I know this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment but I have sat through Shit shows before(fucking Eikichi and the last fucking airbender. Why muffuka why, we could have seen Aliens vs Predator which was Oscar worthy compared to what we spent hard on dollars on), I mean we paid to see Dragon Ball evolution in theaters. We almost went to seen Fan4tastic(IE the worst movie of 2015) because Kitsune owed me a bad movie, but I unlike he I do show mercy at times(I watched it later, I would have owed his ass a movie it was so bad) so I will take some air sickness bags with me, or if I rent them from amazon I’ll keep the alcohol handy but it won’t be completely unbearable punishment(I hope). Some movies are probably at the 2 dollar(are they still 2 bucks or did they jack it up to 2.50 3 by now?) movies so I won’t be spending much on the movies just snacks and drinks, which I’m a fat ass who cares.

Of course when I get done I will create another poll so you can vote on what movies you agree were the worst of 2016, you can defend them in the comments or else you can add different ones and I might do a “readers choice” worst of 2016. Hey there are like 17 of yall, I don’t know how long the list is initially gonna be so  I might need to get a whole bottle of tums/rolaids to help me with the acid reflux of watching your list. It might be fun, hell maybe a movie just hit bad luck and was put up against other blockbusters anything that came up against: Deadpool, Civil War, Suicide Squad, or Rogue One probably died ignominious deaths due to the huge shadows cast. Or maybe it will be more of a cult favorite(something the 80’s are famous for, critically panned, box office flops, but everybody loves them anyway) which might get it some points and maybe have it removed from the worst category to either before it’s time of loveable loser. Plenty of those type movies out there.


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