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Digital vs Disc: My thoughts on the new gaming trend

It’s been well over a year since I’ve owned my Xbox One, and with it was my first fully digital NEW game. I’ve had a PS4 going on 2 years now and while I have digitally downloaded OLD free games, I didn’t have a game that was fully digital, that I paid my hard-earned money for, that I couldn’t flip over in my hand. It took a little getting used to, especially since I bought that Xbox a week before the damn game came out, and of course the game was LOADED on the Xbox but you couldn’t play it(BIIIIIIIITCH), nope not until midnight of release day. So if we are scoring it that is a slight knock on digital games, the fact that the game is there but you can’t play it feels like a taunt, what I’m a gamer if it says I have it let me play it.

The games play similarly and due to a hiccup with my Xbox late last year I got the answer to the question: “Well what happens if I have to reset my xbox, all my games, all my game saves will they just be eaten?” The answer to that question is no, not if you are connected to the internet and the cloud. Make sure you update your Xbox regularly, make sure you have it connected to the cloud(if you have an external storage device USE THAT SHIT) and once it gets done reloading the software and getting things right it will download all your games, game saves, and information and while it was reset it won’t be a new new xbox, it will just be your xbox not fucking up. So for that scary question(which was one of my main obstacles to buying digital games before, like I can get over losing a save but the whole damn game? Nah son) they definitely set things up to NOT have people throwing their gaming systems out 2 story windows. 

What about playing the games? I have plenty of free games on both my PS4 and my Xbone(that’s the name people gave it to shorten it don’t blame me), quite a few Free To Play(though purchases can be made) games, and a few that I’ve bought, Digital purchases might just become my new default. Especially on Xbox, since Microsoft made it so easy to connect external hard drives having a bunch of digital games isn’t going to make me have to choose “my favorite child” which might seem a little dramatic but when you have to delete a few old games to make room for new ones that you want to play(whether they are purchased digitally or physically) tough choices come up. While I never had an external drive for my Xbox 360(may it rest in peace in gaming heaven) or my PS3(relegated to someones dust bin, sorry old bean) I do now how one for the Xbone and when I tell you, space, pffft I got plenty of space. I do, not so much on the PS4 which I have had to make the tough choice a few times, especially when I just BOUGHT a game and I have a crap ton of fun but free games on the system. I ain gonna return the game I just bought, come on I don’t even know if I do or don’t like it yet which means one of the older games I either play a little but haven’t played in a while or play a lot but damn I need X gb’s of space to load this new one. Now to be fair, if you bought it/downloaded it once it will always be in your library so you can download it again(unless it’s P.T. I am NEVER removing that demo) so it’s an essence a shell game, it’s just the annoyance of having to play the shell game when a rival has basically solved it for you already.

Loading the games up is relatively simple. On Xbox go to your Games and Apps section, pick the game you want, and viola after a short moment of loading up its particulars in the memory up comes the game. If it is a game you recently played it will be on your “home page” and you can just scroll down to it and click on it. Playstation is similar, you have a library scroll to your library, click on it, scroll to your game, click on it and play. And yes they have a recent activities bar that is similar to that on Xbox their’s(PS4) is a little bit longer though Xbox is like 4 recent activities plus whatever is in your drive and I can see the last 18 things I did on Playstation Plus whatever sub menu trees that pop up. Xbox does have an area at the bottom of the screen where you can “pin” your favorites which I’m sure is awesome for some people but I rarely pin games I prefer to pin apps. Whatever games I am hung up on right now is probably in the top 4, unless of course I started searching for some shit(say the CW pinned, Twitch Pinned, XLEi side bar) then I just go back to my trusty games and apps. The main difference between digital games and disc games is that once you put in the disc game both systems immediately load it up figuring, “Oh he must want to play this now, let’s get to it!”

A side note to this is of course multiplayer/joining friends in a game needless to say digital wins that fight hands down, you got it, click join game and it will put you in it. Versus having to get up, hope if you have friends, siblings, or relatives who have visited recently that they not only put the game back if they didn’t choose to play it but that they put it back in the correct case(cause, we all have that person who just puts a disc in the first case they find, not even of the one they are swapping it out to play) or that somebody didn’t “borrow” the game without mentioning it. They may return it, mean to return it, or have forgotten to tell you they borrowed it, but you not having it still means you can’t play it not a problem with digital. So for game swapping/joining a game with a friend digital of course has the upper hand.


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