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At the end of “Summer Movie Season,” what have we learned(9/04/2016)

There have been quite a few BIG movie releases this year, many of whom TANKED horribly. The ones who did not can tell us a lot about what viewers were interested in, that is if we are honest about it. I read an article a few weeks ago that wasn’t honest, it didn’t equate the “subject matter” with why movies did or didn’t do well, rather it only judged how much the movies were made for and THEN how much hype the studios tried to raise around them. Let’s look at the movies this year that made money:

Deadpool on a  budget of $58 million it made $363M. For all intents and purposes Tim Miller’s romp into the world of the Merc with the Mouth is the undisputed winner. I see some heads about to pop, budget versus how much made he’s got 305 million sitting to the side NOT counting DVD sales. While there were SOME flaws in Deadpool, most of them were due to the fact that Deadpool is tied to The X-men so it couldn’t be the rampant cameo fest that Marvel and Deadpool in particular are known for. Fox owns the movie rights to Deadpool, was really restrictive with how they lorded over those rights(and even though YES that IS A HELICARRIER in the final fight scene), and has been kid of strict with how they allow the projects to go due to SOMEBODY leaking Deadpool test footage, they threw Tim Miller the smallest budget they could to make a movie to shut the fans up.

No seriously, this project was so dead that Ryan Reynolds had been making terrible relationship jokes about it for years. On top of that because Fox screwed Deadpool up so badly in X-men Origins: Wolverine (wait, did I forget this is my curse friendly blog for fucks sake) they decided that while they couldn’t get fans to stop clamoring for Miller and Reynolds version of Deadpool they could stay hands off and put all their focus into the Fantastic Four reboot(to my friends over the pond, is there anything WORSE than SHATTING THE BED. Cause just going with my standard Fantastisucked doesn’t even work for that movie) which yeah, if you watched that let us all sit down and have a beer together. IF YOU PAID to watch it, your first beer is on me. I was actually going to use that movie as Payback for my brother making me go see the Last Airbender, and yet I think I would owe him if I did.

Then the viral Marketing campaign hit, and I think Ryan Reynolds owes Fox some money back, there is no way in the world he did any work in this movie. Deadpool is like a second skin to him, he had soooo much fun Pooling people(I can’t call it trolling because he was actually showing up places as Deadpool and just having fun with it) that other than needing to spend time with his family I wouldn’t be surprised if he is already out doing it again. The leaked Comic Con footage, the red band trailer, the green band trailer(if you watched this I want to say mean things to you), the Halloween vids, The 12 days of Poolsmas, The check your sack campaign, by the time Deadpool launched in February people were rabid. This movie should have failed, like there is no way it should have been able to live up to the hype it created, and yet nailed it. You can put a guy in his costume(they say it was spandex, so I will believe them), only mildly massage his back story(I’m guess that while Death is a ubiquitous term her CHARACTER is technically owned by Marvel as she is Thanos’s Crush), hang on to his rough edges(Deadpool would have sucked with less than an R rating, he is over the top and needs it. Gratuitous violence, yes please), connect him to a world that he IS a part of(even if you are too cheap to let him use more than 2 X-men), allow him to break the fourth wall, AND make fun of himself in the process. For those who don’t know while all images are mostly 3D in movies if you think about it, the “fourth wall” is technically the TV screen/Movie Screen. Yes it allows us to see in but the characters aren’t supposed to know it’s 2 way glass, so when a character speaks to the audience it is considered the fourth wall, it is done by some characters in comic books as well Deadpool is definitely one of them.


I meant to wax poetic about all the stuff that had come out up til Sept in 2016 but I completely forgot about it. Oh well, writing is as schedules permit you can tell this isn’t my main job just more of a hobby because I disappear from it so damn often. To the folks following thanks, I know it takes a lot of patience to deal with my constantly vanishing ass


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