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For those looking for my movie reviews

The only time I will do a movie review over here will be in the event of it being EXTREMELY raunchy ala The Hangover, or I want to curse the living hell out of it either in fun(Deadpool) or in pain(Batman v Superman: Dawn of Sucking). Any and all movie reviews can be found on Blogspot here, unless stated early in the blog I try not to put ANY spoilers in there I may speak on the first 15 minutes or so but I try to give no more about the movie than you get from the trailers that came out. I don’t have a “star method” or a “rating system” either I liked a movie or I didn’t. If there are some nit pick things about the movie I will mention them, and if they aren’t so much about THAT movie but maybe the genre the movie is in and a few tropes they or the industry over use I try to mention that. Not that use of a well worn trope is always bad(if it’s an action movie we are going to get a shit ton of explosions and we all likey), but they do deserve a mention sometimes.

Movie rants will usually be over here mainly because it takes a whole lot of effort not to drop F bombs during a rant, and going back to edit them all out nope not fun at all. Unless it’s not so much a rant as it is a critique as to why I think a movie failed, did well, or missed it’s mark whether slightly or monumentally. An observational rant is slightly easier to control. Today’s review of “Underworld Blood Wars” should be up shortly, if not by the time you read this feel free to check it out. As always the freedom allotted me on WordPress is not always needed sometimes I can say it without all the expletives. Especially since I have someplace to get it out when I need them. Not that this is a “I’m about to disappear again” blog, no just a letting you know what else I’m doing. 

Expo season is soon approaching though and I did appreciate blogging it last year as I watched SOME of them(I do have a job lol), this year of course we will hear more about the PS Pro after its launch, while I am not adverse to a mid generation console upgrade I am slightly less enthusiastic about VR. I’m older, VR isn’t actually new they tried it in the late 80’s early 90’s some of the games look cool but for the initial outlay I’ll wait until I see a game that I just HAVE TO HAVE before I plop down the extra console price for the VR gear. Especially PROPRIETARY VR gear, most VR set ups appear to start around 300 bucks which is fine if you already have a decent tear gaming rig. But if I have to shell out the 400 bucks for a PS4 Pro AND then(with an E, not the A version) 300ish for Sony VR nah you gotta knock my socks off playa. I also expect to hear more about the Xbox Scorpio(which I hope keeps it’s cools ass name, PS4 Pro is less than Awe inspiring while the PS4 Neo had a bad ass and historic feel to it). Con season is also approaching but just like the ones in Memphis I get so wrapped up in work that I almost ALWAYS miss them until shit drops. I want to see trailers/more info from Spider-man Homecoming, I want to see some kind of teaser shit for Black Panther, I want to see an OFFICIAL HULK SMASH ASS trailer for Thor Ragnarök(yall know you do too).

And yes I know there are more video game and electronic expos than just E3, but just like with the Cons if I get too wrapped up in work I end up playing catch up. Now I might start blogging about trailers I like over here that I DON’T see in the movie theater, mainly because like everyone else I see a lot of trailers I don’t talk about them all. I may also do some TV episode thoughts over here, I know I was trying to do one for the flash last season but I got wrapped up in work and by the time I got back to it the event I was suspecting turned out to be right just not how I expected. I have to go check the vote totals on that poll I posted last week, I don’t think it got a lot of votes so I guess I don’t have to watch all the bad movies of last year, cause whew were there some stinkers.

Happy hump day everyone as always pull up a chair, we can vote on whether we watch Live TV, streaming services, or crank up a video game.


2 responses

  1. I can’t wait to see a Black Panther teaser. And, you know I love Thor.

    01/25/2017 at 11:42 AM

    • They’ve got some set photos, Chadwick is cheesing in every last one of them too, I mean Prince Hakeem of Zamunda cheesing, if they get that movie right highest grossing film with a majority black cast I’m calling it

      01/25/2017 at 12:13 PM

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