When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I am sooo slow

Well, not really but on this blog I am. I have had this blog going on 7 years and I am JUST making it to the 100 post range. Part of it of course is what this blog is used for: telling raunchy stories, cuss filled rants, telling long stories I want to be able to space out over a few pages. I’m being mildly facetious(I mean I did take a break from this blog to write a different one) I know I’m not really slow but between the 4 year plus hiatus and me mostly writing my missives on Blogspot I haven’t really committed as many stories or events to this blog as I had originally thought. Now if my defense transportation arrangements also changed so that I am now driving a lot more  than I used to. So now blogging from the car(unless I can sucker Eikichi into driving for me and then it still doesn’t mean I am going to immediately start writing.

It’s interesting though, I called my tumblr the red-headed step child and I have actually spent more time there than here. Granted I don’t really create a lot of content over there it’s mainly for reblogging the things I see and like. Mindless fun can be fun but I wanted to acknowledge that I was about to hit a milestone(way late and a dollar short but I digress). Just like with the long hiatus I have no excuse as to why it took me so long to get here it just did. So with some spit and polish we will commemorate the occasion before we gone ahead and get into our next bit of trouble.


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