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Will X-box Scorpio finally cross the threshold

I have heard tell that the PS4 Pro isn’t really flying off the shelves, that while yes it is selling it really isn’t making a name for itself or distinguishing itself from the REGULAR PS4 so for most folks at least for now the “mid generation iteration” is sort of a flop. One of the reasons is because WHILE the PS4 Pro is much more powerful it really doesn’t have any games(past VR) made specifically for the new power so it just looks a little prettier than PS4 but is “a little prettier” really worth 100 bucks, plus if you want to use the VR features that’s another damn near 400 bucks. Not really a huge sales point, “spend 500 more dollars to REALLY see what PS4 Pro can do.” This is not to say Microsoft isn’t possibly asking you to do the same thing.

Microsoft is ALSO saying that the Scorpio will have VR capability, initially there was some talk about them having an Occulus unit(since the Rift already uses an Xbox controller) but as of right now I don’t see anything definitive about them getting one. I’ve also seen reports that the VR was taken off the main Xbox Scorpio website doesn’t really mean it won’t have VR they may just not be focusing on it since playstation VR is not doing so well. That’s not what I was talking about anyway, my thinking is: Full Backwards compatibility.Now hear me out, the only REAL difference between a PC gaming system and a console gaming system isn’t actually specs, because Specs can be adjusted, more efficient equipment can be used, better manufacturing processes. I mean technically a PC lasts until you decided you are tired of upgrading pieces(Hard drive, ram, optical drive, graphics card, sound card) and just go ahead and buy a whole new PC. The thing about a PC is no matter WHEN the games are from(even if it’s an old and dusty game there is an emulated version of it) you can still play it on your current PC. Most consoles in an effort to FORCE you into the new generation, do not and while the Graphical improvements are awesome (usually) in new console generations if the games that launch with it aren’t as awesome as the ones you used to play in the last generation you have to hope you held on to your old console. The funny part about it, me being an old fogey in these gaming streets we honestly used to. I mean yes Gamestop had just popped up, and there were Electronics Boutiques, Kaybee toys, Babbages, and a few other electronics spots that SOMETIMES sold used games but the trade in market wasn’t as big as it is now. And your old console was a treasured friend, if you look at some of the older Pop culture streamers or some the streaming gamers they have their old consoles sitting right there.

And I USED to be the same way, When I bought my Playstation my Super NES was right there and I would switch back and forth. When I bought my playstation 2 my playstation was still around for a little while (I let my brothers GameStop it). The Xbox was still there when we got the Xbox 360, and if it hadn’t of died many moons ago it would be here right next to my Xbone. My PS3 is collecting dust downstairs, while my PS4 is up here. But if I want to play a PS3 game I have to boot up my PS3(unless I pay for PSnow and rent them). So my thinking what if Xbox Scorpio is an actual new console and it goes ahead and does away with the only thing that actually makes consoles inferior to PC’s I mean it’s just a but of coding really. Supposedly they are already changing the type of memory the Scorpio uses, so why not just make it a whole new generation but keep it fully backwards compatible. Stay on Bluray, be able to pop your Xbox One games into it and they play just fine, then have Xbox Scorpio games.

Oh but the gamers will be so pissed off about that what about the folks who JUST bought a new system

Simply put, gamers are gamers. Nobody bitches and complains when they shell out $200+ on a new graphics card 6 months or so later, it’s been 4 years if you don’t want to make consoles modular(IE more like PC’s) then make them fully backwards compatible that way I can still play my old games and if the mid generation update is worth the cost of admission I don’t get mad that I can’t use my old games. It’s actually one of the reasons I didn’t hope on getting a PS4 Pro, they really didn’t seem to be doing enough plus the first year of a new console isn’t really that exciting anymore. This isn’t 8 bit to 16 bit, it also isn’t the cartridge to CD jump. And remember the first looks at the Ps2 games on DVD? they really blew the older generation of games away. Blu ray looked good but at first it was a minor jump now, yes you can notice the pixel difference. But these games will all still be on blu ray, and yes you can get them digitally but you only have so much hard drive space, and while there is some cloud back up of your game saves they have yet to offer you the ability to connect it to your: Box Account, Dropbox, Google Drive, and while the Xbox allows you to save media and music to your one drive you can’t save games(which will also be Next Big Thing when they release that).


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