When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Aaah Dumb Luck my old friend, how I’ve missed you

As most folks know Sunday is the Superbowl, Superbowl LI to be exact. What most people DON’T know is, I ain watching it. Normally I don’t watch the Superbowl unless my team (the Philadelphia Eagles) are in it OR it’s a classic match up. By Classic I mean like 4 years ago when it was the Broncos vs the Seahawks that was a classic Offense vs Defense battle. Denver was the offense and Seattle was the defense, Seattle won. 3 years ago I watched because it was that vaunted Defense versus Bill Belicheck, and as usual with a little help from the refs(and one of the most BONEHEADED offensive play calls in the HISTORY OF FOOTBALL) the Patriots won. I say a little help from the refs because they ignored two pass interference calls. One of the drive before the Patriots took the lead, and it wasn’t even a close call. Patriots player was falling, Seahawks player had nothing but air and opportunity in front of him, Patriots player did what he was supposed to do, DON’T give up the BIG PLAY. Spot foul, 1st down and you live four more downs. Except the refs decided, welp that’s all he could do no foul. And then the goal line, you can’t shove a guy out of the way to intercept the ball that is ALSO PASS INTERFERENCE. Granted the pass should have never been thrown you have a timeout, Marshawn Lynch, and the ball at the Half Yard Line:RUN THE COT DAMN BALL. Last year was offense defense again: Carolina vs Denver thing is(and I kinda feel for Cam Newton on this one, Cam showed up the rest of the offensive players not so much) this time DENVER was the defense and defense won again.

Now We have Atlanta vs New England, not really a classic match up. It will be two teams trying to run up and down the field on each other meh, so what. Thing is though, as it is a sports leagues Giant Stage sometimes you get sales on related Merch(NBA finals you might get that years NBA Game for free or cheap), World Series (Baseball games are cheap), and SuperBowl weekend Madden 17(the 2017 edition) is now on sale for 20 bucks, 67% off because, because they said so that’s why. I have been trying to find Madden on Sale for a minute now. I almost bought it on Christmas but I had other bills to pay, plus Christmas you ain supposed to buy yourself crap.And as far as this years Madden is concerned yes I do want to play it. I have just been playing other things and as is often the case with digital purchases of games, they usually want full price regardless of HOW LONG the game has been on the shelves. So I was looking around for a cheap physical copy, Last year I copped Madden 16 for like 30 bucks(it was at Bargain Hunt but hey 30 bucks for a 60 dollar game, no brainer). Now yes, football season is over come Sunday so what Madden can be played year round. I will get to use the new roster(which once again has a new starting QB, smh I miss Donnie 10 years same guy under center), some players were traded, I will most likely be trading to get players BACK(cause fuck Chip Kelly That’s why), and I will get to put our Rookie QB through his paces.

I have been a Madden fan since it was called John Madden Football, Madden was a religion. You, your friends, a set of sticks, picking your favorite teams, your TRUSTED(but generic) plays, and matching your football wit against theirs. Trash talk was always high, especially if you blew your friend out or else made a spectacular comeback(I remember a 4th quarter 31 point barrage back in the late 90’s, My Eagles against the hated cowboys WITH WITNESSES). Complaints about who got the better joystick, who was using a cheesy play(which may have depended on WHOSE system you were playing on. you could make custom plays but they didn’t always travel), who was using an overpowered team. I mean Neutral games have been played in Madden before, a true test of skill of course was to pick two random teams that neither person liked(extra credit if you picked two sucky teams. Which in the 90’s would have been Cincinnati and Tampa Bay), put it on about 8 minute quarters and see who could lead said team to victory. Now before folks start talking about me trashing the Bengals or the Buccaneers if you are a fan you KNOW your team sucked in the 90’s every team has low/rebuilding phases. Tampa Bay won a Superbowl mid 2000’s and Cincinnati has become a regular playoff team, it’s just hard to get to the Superbowl in the AFC if your quarterback ISN’T Brady, Manning, or Roethlisberger.


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