When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Dear hearts, let me soothe you

I know some of yall had your hopes up, you did I know it looked so damn appealing. Which is when you should have known it was a set up, the NFL has set Tom Brady up to always be the PERFECT Underdog.

Tom Brady against the league(pfft unless Brady is hurt the Patriots Cakewalk through their division whats 4 games when you always win the division anyway?)

Tom Brady against father time(Brady doesn’t run, he mostly drops back and passes father time doesn’t bother him at all)

Tom Brady against the scoreboard(Did you forget that MOST of Brady’s Super Bowl wins came via comeback?)

Seriously though, if the guy QBing the other team ISN’T named Manning Tom Brady is going to win. I think he and Peyton were within a game of each other in the win loss column and Eli is undefeated vs Brady in the post season but other than that, 5-2 yup if Eli Manning ain playing on the other side of the ball Brady is just waiting for the zeroes to click down on his next ring. “It doesn’t happen like that, Tom Brady is just a great player” he is a great player who somehow always gets the flags and his opponents never do(unless again their last name is Manning), this is not to say that I feel bad for the Atlanta Falcons yeah yeah they did well against my lack of faith in them for 2 weeks ain mean shit. They were in the Superbowl vs Tom Brady, they didn’t realize they had lost yet in the first half but when they went up by 3 scores ol Tom had them right where he wanted them. Comfortable, thinking they were in control, in at the half celebrating already.

A football game is 60 minutes, and the first 30 really don’t count. It’s not like boxing where if you win the first round and really knock your opponent to the mat you can get a 10 count and it’s over. Nah, this is a different sport and you can get run on in the second half. Hell you can get run on in the 4th quarter. And the worst thing to see when the clock starts to click down is the scoreboard tightening, especially if you NEVER win. Because your worst doubter is always yourself.

Oh no, I’m a fraud and people are gonna see

Shit, why don’t they quit have they figured me out?

Nah they can’t get any closer we can score like we did in the first, oh shit when did they get this close.

Again, I didn’t watch a quarter. I didn’t even watch the commercials, I’m about to YouTube them right now but you were up on Tom Brady with time on the clock yeah you den fucked up now. It’s been 17 years now for Brady unless he plans on out playing Brett Favre’s 20 seasons he will retire soon, so many records in the books, so many legends to be told when he finally hangs up the cleats, but one thing you should never forget: If you are leading on Tom Brady with time left on the clock and your last name isn’t Manning and your father isn’t named Archie you are about to lose, again. In the most agonizing way, and when you finally realize your goose is cooked, he’s already holding the trophy.

I’ve been there, I have cheered the early victory, I have just known that MY TEAM was ready. And I have watched as whether it be by field goal or Touchdown somehow when the clock strikes all zeroes, Tom Brady is holding the trophy. His handprint is PERMANENTLY made into the trophy you just don’t realize it, but when the Superbowl is over, if he was on the sideline of the opposing team just get ready to watch him hoist it, unless you believe in Eli then you have a chance.


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