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Madden 17 first play through

If you read my last post you know I just purchased Madden seventeen for a soon to be Tubman(currently still Jackson) and after waiting for it to download overnight(at damn near 30 gigs it took a minute) I didn’t get a chance to play it. I saw it was downloaded this morning didn’t really want to rush a play through because A) Madden ALWAYS changes shit, they add a new juke, change the tackle buttons, change the shed block buttons, fuck up the rosters, and of course they added this new MUT (Madden Ultimate team) and Draft Kings thing who knows how many maddens back but it is obviously here to stay.

Anyway so this years changes were basically they added “Quick Time Events” to the running and tackling, last year they allowed you to fight for the ball in the air so you could be aggressive going for the ball, you could get ready to run after the catch and I think there was just like a Possession(say if you just wanted to catch the ball at the spot). They also made it so that the right thumb stick added either extra oompf or else a few tricks to some of your moves. Defense you could do a peanut punch(try to knock the ball lose) offense it allowed you to do more juke moves, but you could still just do the old whenever you felt like it one button touch moves, now with the quick time events(which I have yet to get right) yes you MIGHT get an awesome result out of it but you probably just gone get tackled.

Commentary syncs up with the game a little bit better, and they even added “end of the year” commentary too so you can hear how some of the players you are using shook out. SOMETIMES you can use players better than they were used in real life, other times garbage is garbage.


One of the things I like in the new “always connected, up to date” era of video games is that MOST sports games sync your teams up so now that I have let it start a few times while Sam Bradford was supposed to be the Eagles starting QB he got traded before the season and now it is Carson Wentz so yeah first Bradford was there but once the roster update kicked in All Wentz all the time. I haven’t actually started a season yet(I like to get a decent feel for how the game is going to play before I start my Superbowl run) just a few MUT solo challenges, some quick play games, and a few skills trainers. I mean yes it is “just football” but when they change where buttons are, or how certain plays are set up it takes a while to get used to them. There are still a few plays that spell “sack” for me, some of the draw plays I never get the correct button press in there.

Quick Time Events

Quick time events were first used in laser disc games back in the 80’s:Dragons Lair, Cliff Hanger, and other cinematic games where the player wasn’t really in control they were just watching a movie until said opportune moment when you basically died. If you are an anime fan, yes Cliff Hanger looks JUST like Lupin the III and is probably an American Port rip off of said show. In Madden 17 QTE are more like the opportunity to use an extra powerful move to either destroy a ball  carrier or else juke them out of their jocks(of which I have actually done such a move today shook somebody for a 69 yard TD. but I also failed at one and gave up a 64 yard TD Quick time Giveth and it Taketh away. This is not to say that a successful QTE is a guaranteed big play, unless you can hit like six in a row if you are in a crowd yes the FIRST Dumbass is shook, but his boys got his back. Madden has also brought back the crazy “through the receivers body” Interceptions from like 97, hey tie goes to the runner yo. And if you go THROUGH my player to get the ball this ain Superbowl 49 you actually have to call that shit.

Madden Ultimate Team

Mut is basically integrating old school football cards into video games. You get a pack of cards, open it up and make the best team possible from the players you collected. Players have many different rarities from bronze, silver, gold, ruby, and legendary you can also get the same player in different rarities. Most of the players are current players but complete the right challengers and you can get Hall of Famers(or future hall of famers) and All Pro’s from years past. Somehow I got Larry Fitzgerald, Legarrette Blunt and Jerry Rice in Ruby, Matt Ryan, Desean Jackson, Justin Pugh, Nick Mangold and David Decastro in Gold. And all Gold’s and Rubies are not created equal everyone has a rating so you can be a gold rarity but a bottom of the pile rating. Means you are a good player but maybe not the best version of that player or the best at your position.

You then go through different games and challenges with the players(actually playing football not just simulating on paper to see who wins. You can set up your teams automatically with the line up tool(I am currently just picking best available team offense and defense) which will either do it by best team overall or chemistry(base pass, base balance, or base run).Granted you have to pay attention to contracts with MUT, you have each player for a set number of games now you win contracts the more you play so you can re up guys as they get close just remember to reup your guys when they get close.

As mentioned you can play against other people online with your MUT, you can do solo challenges(win certain game situations for coins, items, and card packs), you can play seasons and go for a superbowl. You can also trade and sell your various cards on an auction house so that you can gather more coins, possibly buy a better card on the auction, or get more card packs. It can be fun, though some of the challenges are daunting(I know 16 wanted you to score against the giants 80’s championship defense. Do NOT try and juke Lawrence Taylor, he don’t like that), but it’s nice to open up a pack possibly see a great players card and see how you can fit them into your offense or defense.

Draft Champions

I rarely play this mode, it is similar to fantasy football in that you get to draft best available players on the board from proven pros. Main difference is that you select a coach first, which decides the offense and defense you will be allowed to use. And yes picking a coach who doesn’t have a scheme that fits the players you end up drafting can be deadly. You also have to be careful that it’s a scheme you are comfortable running, especially offensively if you like to run alot don’t pick a vertical coach yes he will have some running plays but most of his focus will be in mid range and deep passing plays. Defense can be just as tricky, if you pick a 4-3 you (in my opinion) get a little bit more flexibility, a 3-4 is heavily dependant on having good Linebackers, and a zone defense requires so decent cover corners and fast safeties. I mainly don’t play draft champions because unless you decide to play like a full season with it you kind of don’t really get a feel for your team, you draft each time on Solo and if you lose the  game, you can’t really replay it. 

And who you draft is really important, big names are nice but big players are better. And expect to have a lot of regrets, get a “high profile” say QB early only to see one slightly better rated pop up later on in the game. I played it twice this time, first one I quit players weren’t really working for me. Second one first draft pick Emmitt Smith, now I don’t know about you but that pretty much settles my running back for the rest of the game, Lesean McCoy love shady but as much as he terrorized my Eagles NOT over Emmitt Smith, Todd Gurly popped up once again not over Emmitt Smith. I picked Andrew Luck early two spots later Eli Manning, which was a really hard choice. Eli can be hit and miss but he is pretty good in clutch situations(I stuck with Andrew Luck). My defensive picks were just as nerve-racking, a lot of times you pick an awesome Ruby player and have another one pop up for the same position I got Micheal Bennet early had to pass up on two hall of fame left ends. Passed on Kevin Green for Lawyer Malloy never got another good Left Outside Linebacker, now here’s the thing passing on a great player to better fill out your team sometimes works out a lot better than just picking all great players. Draft Champions must know my heart, two games in a row I was able to select Desean Jackson, first time as an Understudy to Marvin Harris, second time as an understudy to AJ Green.

Newsflash if you have Desean Jackson in the slot with a single guy covering him, that guy is toast. And that happened a lot not enough to get Djax in the endzone but enough to get him damn near 100 yards when AG had 130 and 2 touch downs. Like I said though, not my favorite mode because once I finish out this 3 or 4 game set that team explodes. Now in my MUT I have Desean, I have Larry Fitzgerald, and Jerry Rice who do you cover? Usually it’s Jerry and Larry so Djax just eats up the middle of the field. Anyway that’s what I have gotten so far I may revisit this later after I start my season.


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