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Dammit Savitar we supposed to have 4 months…

It appears that the God of Speed(Savitar Flash/Arrowverse) has eaten the show. I got to about the halfway point of it and all the sudden the screen went black. It was only about 10 or 15 minutes but still it’s annoying as hell when they get to a huge “plot point” and the “film pops.” Yes I know it is all digital now, but this is probably the closest most millennials will ever get to the bane of every pre Millenium TV and movie watcher. That beautiful, wonderful, fickle ass “tape” which can give you pleasure until that VERY moment when it either over heats, gets stuck, or heaven forbid break.

The show ended on time, most likely they cut a few things out probably jokes and it seems like they are skipping next week. Which will be Valentines day. It’s also All Star week for the NBA(but that shouldn’t really bother them but it is so blah). But it was nice to blame Savitar.

I know I usually post in the morning but this will be another night post.


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