When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

To the idiots who let Trump get elected

No, I don’t mean the people who voted for him. I am talking to the folks who CLAIM to follow politics, claim Bernie would have won, and yet didn’t show up at the polls. I know they are trying to get a second bite at the apple claiming that Hillary was so corrupt there was no way she could have won:Donald Trump is president of the United States, with a republican house and senate. Here is why I call Bullshit, you didn’t like Hillary but you didn’t show up to flip the House, didn’t show up to flip the Senate,  you didn’t change the governorships of most states, nor the legislatures.

That’s right, it isn’t that you didn’t show up for Hillary: You just didn’t show up.

  • If you had Flipped the Senate you could have controlled confirmations
  • If you would have flipped the House, you could control what laws were started
  • Flip the Governor’s mansion if someone retires you control replacement appointments
  • You flip state legislatures you control state laws

See all that work that WASN’T done, see things that if Hillary was so bad but with ALL OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT WERE ON THE BALLOT you should have had your ass there about. You want people to listen to you, but why? You are that person standing on the side of the road who NEVER lifts a finger but tells everyone how they are doing things all wrong. I mean how to you PRETEND to take a stand against corruption but see a guy CURRENTLY INDICTED for fraud running for President and say “Meh,  so what I am anti corruption but he ain that bad.” How do you claim you care  for the environment and then let a guy who HATES SCIENCE get elected president. He has restarted both pipelines(good job being allies to the Standing Rock folks), he implemented his muslim ban(Yay allies to religious freedom), if reports are true ICE is now following kids home to deport their parents(we are such a supportive and inviting country).

Oh and let’s not forget White Supremacists, no longer on the terror watchlist. You are so down for equality you have helped the people who hate everyone who isn’t white get the freedom to threaten those vulnerable folks. Women’s rights, pfft women don’t need rights. This election was such a no brainer, and now that Trump is turning into a daily dumpster fire (I remember so many of yall was like, just give him a chance pffft) yall act like you don’t know how this happened. You demanded a shit load of concessions, wanted people to trust you, listen to you, respect your “wisdom” and give you all this respect, hand over all these kudos. Then what happened, yall did what you always do, sit home on your asses and complain that the rest of us are just going to hell.

It’s some of the most masochistic shit you will ever see in your life, have victory in your hands and then because you really don’t want to win and damn sure don’t want to do any work put it down on the ground because fuck it that’s why. For those who don’t follow politics their laments sound intelligent until you remember who won. Until you remember that the entire reason we have gotten to this point is because the republicans have fought, cried, and obstructed for 6 years. The people on their side, actually wanted to do the work(they may not have known what work to do, but they were willing to do it), and even if the work they did screws them at least they can say the won the right to fuck themselves. So you far lefties, you Bernie or busters guess what you have now gone bust. Time to pay up and if you can’t pay up now you understand why you don’t tell the house fuck off win you have the winning hand because they WILL collect their money when you lose and they don’t have to be nice about it or do it the way YOU want them to. You win, you can have them give you your money however you want it, lose and they can strip you down and make you waddle out the door.


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