When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

The day that will live in Infamy

Today is Eikichi’s birthday, my youngest brother The Original Brat, Captain “c’mon just buy me, I got you back later“, as well as the Lord of “what you watch or play is lame” only to be playing some archaic ass game that has a convoluted ass plot or watching some anime with random nudity and multifluidity. Anyone who has a youngest sibling will know that A they have no patience, B they are a snitch, and C they STAY up in your pockets because welp you have had money for the majority of their lives because you older so why not.

Today’s plan is to catch the matinee of John Wick Chapter 2, yes I adjusted my USUAL time schedule to accommodate the fact he’s a grown ass man and might want to do other shit for his birthday. I am not a complete asshole, as far as buying him snacks and shit I own know that muffuka be wanting drinks, Reese’s pieces, and sometimes popcorn. Like YO that’s 20 bucks fam, you ain a cheap date(yes I have actually said that to him). But it should be a fun day for everybody the first John Wick was cool as shit so hopefully this one lives up to the original.


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