When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

It’s movie review writing day

Yup, when I get off from work today I have to write the review for John Wick Chapter 2. I’ll start it on blogspot and decide when I get halfway through whether or not it should stay there or come over here. John Wick is an R rated movie, with a lot of cursing, State Birds, blood, gore, death, pain, a slight bit of comedy, and a deep sense of (invented) tradition. I actually have a few titles for it in mind, which is always fun because do I want to be silly with it, do I want to take it out of context or be direct.

Honestly Eikichi is being weird because he is complaining John Wick 2 is too much like Commando, like dude Commando is part of the Royalty of 80’s movies thou shalt not disparage awesome 80’s action movies the fuck? Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Vernon Wells, Bill Duke, and a young Alyssa Milano how can you act like there is anything wrong with that movie. Lots of explosions, bullets, one liners, and crazy stunts. It’s a joke now but the 80’s invented the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” phenomena. Yeah, so it’s been two days whatever remains of the movie remains THE ESSENCE if you will. Not because I have a terrible memory, but because I watch other things on TV, have a job, and of course I’m planning out my next movie foray whether or not you like a movie depends on how fondly you remember it through the noise of a million other distractions(or at least that’s how I feel), some you love, some you hate, but if you barely remember it well it really couldn’t have been that good now could it.

Anyway enough word salad, I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and for the lovers out there: Lick it before you stick it, lube is your friend, and you can be a little cheeky if you are being freaky but always remember and respect the “safe word”


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