When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya


Looks like I need to get writing over here

Ever since I started doing “Throwback Thursday” posts both over here and on blogspot it seems that my draft folders are starting to get pretty empty. Which in one sense is fine, I really never meant for them to be in draft in the first place I just got busy but in the next sense damn, “Damn I really do need to start writing more posts, hopefully finishing them but at least starting them so that something is there.” I mean I don’t know about you but while I may type fast I ain sitting down in front of any electronic device as much as I used to unless it’s a phone. Hell I don’t even really play any games on my phone anymore.

Seriously though, I do need to get on the ball. I did start a post on the new show “Legion” on FX following Charles Xavier’s(yes the bald guy from X-me) David Haller who’s codename is Legion. I will hopefully finish that, I want to see the second episode so that I can answer a few more questions before I do. Maybe change up the way I am doing it. Anyway, happy hump day all be safe, get through the grind, then come home and sneak a few cookies or treats


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