When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

This is NOT a mic drop Moment

Dear Verizon,

The FUCK is THIS, no seriously how you gonna not only drop A mic but THREE  mics not a month after you dropped this dumbass bombshell. Yes I know it wasn’t that long ago cause I ain been blogging again on here but since the beginning of 2017 and yup looky here this is me COMMENTING on the very foolish nature of the damn “5 GB for 55 bucks cause that’s all your need or really use any fucking way you whiny babies” of the commercial. Seriously who is in your ad and marketing department? Are they going through some family issues, did you turn it over to your young intern department and they really haven’t found their voice yet so they just say whatever comes to mind, cause in a month you went from “Who the fuck needs unlimited data, take this 5 fucking GB’s and pay us our overage fees and like it” to “FINALLY UNLIMITED DATA has come to VERIZON” like that previous shit ain never happen.

I mean I heard that T-mobile clowned you on Twitter, and I see Sprint having a FIELD DAY with that ass in their commercials. I mean it’s one thing to steal your old friend the “Can you hear me now” dude, but to  then make a shitload of videos showing peoples data running out because: everybody data run out we are data whores.

No seriously, we can now stream Movies, Music, Surf the Web, Video Chat, Live Stream, Record up to 4k Video to upload to the web, we can Video Conference, we can Watch Live Streams, Watch Streaming Videos, and I am Sure that VR requires a decent amount of data usage as well. So with the world having all that shit going on, to step SO HARD with THE BIG DOGS out the door with that “All you need is 5 Gig’s” bullshit like you were the Beatles you can’t just come back out the door talking about, “Hey here’s unlimited data on supposedly the best network, you’re welcome” and not get EQUALLY ROASTED as you did with the all you need is 5 GB’s. Especially since in the beginning everybody had unlimited data until there was actually shit you needed to use data for. As I said in my post a month ago when it was barely a few web pages, companies hadn’t figured out their web presences yet, Web Designer wasn’t a decent paying job, nor was SEO something anybody cared about or thought of to drive web traffic, and definitely we couldn’t find a plethora of media outlets of professional, amateur, up and coming or even personal/hobbyist level. Yes there were a few videos out there, but not high quality. Yes we had people writing on the web, but it was always taken with a pound of salt because it was really just an opinion and rarely could they provide reliable sources.

That ain now, no now we have YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and Vevo. If you want to listen to music we have Google Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and Shazam. As for storage don’t want to spend up you 8-64 GB’s of on device HD space on your music, pics or videos why we have Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box to name a few cloud services that allow you to upload your data and store it off your device. most of them you can get between 2.5 to 5 gb for free and anything over that you can pay a monthly fee for it’s gone from 100 GB’s for 10 bucks to 100 gbs for 4.99/5.99 and 1 tb for 10 bucks a month on most services. Why? Because the convenience of being able to access ALL of your data from damn near anywhere is something we have now learned we can’t live without. Yes some people are not yet ON the CLOUD but they are getting there, cloud is becoming a part of everything hell even Xbox and Playstation offer you some cloud storage(thank God, cause I had to factory reset my Xbox once and WHEW when all the game saves came back pimpin YES). And while sometimes yes you would love to be on WiFi when you are trying to upload said video, back up your pictures, or whatever music you just found sometimes you ain but what you do know, is that you want to make sure it is saved just in case something happens to your device.


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