When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Primal’s “Are you gone eat yo Cornbread” moment

It’s been a shitty day, the ending of which soared the the very top of Shit Mountain, planted a flag, and yodeled in victory. But, I don’t want to talk about that, I still have to decompress. What I will talk about is LUNCH, yes we went to lunch today around 12 pm. Wasn’t nothing special about lunch, just went to McDonald’s ordered a Grand Mac combo, Medium, Spotted Eikichi, got my cup and tried to walk away and then, it happened.

Now understand, people asking you for shit FRESH out the line in Mickey D’s ain new.

  1. Hey man can I get a quarter
  2. Hey Big man can ya spot me
  3. You got any change
  4. Could you buy me
  5. hey can I have some of your

People infringing on your meal time peace of mind is so expected most of us either ignore them out of hand, give them a polite no, or an extremely stern fuck off. But that’s when you hear NORMAL REQUESTS, and I am sure plenty of shit can be added the to five I have up there. But this shit was newthis young gentleman, in the line I believe two spots behind me, asked me TWICE Mind you, “Hey man, do you need your receipt.” Now, his reason for having to ask twice was my fault entirely because the first time I was completely ignoring the fuck out of him because I just said to myself “Broke Begging ass muffuka, keep it pushin.” Then he repeated that shit, and the voice in the back of my head said, Bruh you really did hear that shit the first time. I turn, gave the young gentleman a disgusted look and said yeah. Took my cup and filled it up, half coke half doctor pepper.

I was still annoyed as fuck though, because now in my mind I am trying to figure out WHERE THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE. I know I don’t have to ask this as THIS is my blog, my sanctum, my mental temple but I will anyway: Walk with me please. Let us examine the reasons that giving this young gentleman my receipt would have been the dumbest shit on planet earth. First, this is a fast food restaurant. You get your cup, go make your own drink, WAIT FOR YOU NUMBER(which is on the receipt) TO BE CALLED, pick up your food, and either eat in house or walk back to your conveyance of choice. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t give a fuck about the number on the receipt I look after a decent amount of food prep time has passed and they start announcing guest numbers. SO I don’t have my shit memorized USUALLY(I was 225 today though), I way 5-10 minutes and look when I have seen either people who ordered around the same time as me or else when orders start being set up to see if my food is ready. Now if I DIDN’T have my receipt how would I have known it was mine? Shit if a dispute came up, how could I PROVE it was mine, what hope the cashier remembers my face over all the other people she fucking saw today? Have you talked to most people in the service industry, we my fellow humans tend to suck towards people who have to serve us in any type of employment capacity.


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