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Throwback Thursday(Non Traditional)

Usually for throwback thursday I dig up an old post I was working on, find the last date it was edited, add it to the title and viola throwback thursday post. Unfortunately I have been finishing posts up(for the most part). So this week I am going to grab a post from “Primal’s Ponderings” now I WAS going to grab one of my more popular posts from there and say tada, with a little bit of extra put in for flourish over here on the press. But instead I think I am going to revisit one of my “movies I want to see made posts” in honor of one of them coming out this year. So here it is

Justice League

This is actually a 2 parter, since this is BEFORE I learned a decent pagination technique for blogger. And trust me it could have been a few pages long I just went into the basics of the “core 6” so to speak: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and The Flash. Now sometimes Green Arrow is on this list, some may wish to add Red Tornado or one of the Hawks. I also think that as they tend to be a “catch all” you could go the Justice League Unlimited route and just add everybody switching up pieces as needed. This is of course about the Movies, not the cartoons though and even the live action TV shows because we have had them do both the All Male Justice League on Smallville and they APPEAR to be assembling the Junior Justice League AKA Young Justice on The CW’s current run of TV shows.

Granted WB movies have made the interesting decision to throw the team movie out there(for the most part) first mainly because Marvel is a good 12 years ahead of them with Character introduction movies. Green Lantern didn’t do well, the Superman reboots (yes S plural, they have had a few in the last decade) left folks less than enthused, and Nolan’s Batman was a standalone, which I think was the problem. Before you realized whether or not Zack Snyder was your guy with the Man of Steel treatment you needed to launch into a team movie. Zack Snyder does NOT understand Superman, which is why Batman v Superman seemed so unbalanced. You basically had the same tortured guy on both sides of the fight, one was just older. The contrast between Batman and Superman is supposed to be Choatic Good(Batman) vs Good(Superman). Batman sees societies failures and plans to be the frightening deterrent, Superman sees the best in humanity and is trying to be the beacon of hope.

Now some may say that Green Lantern being replaced by Cyborg(at least for the first movie) doesn’t feel right, but I fully understand first Ryan Reynold whooped all ass but Civil War as Deadpool, and took BOOKOO shots at them in Deadpool for basically placing the albatross of what turned into a pretty underwhelming big budget movie around his neck.Second it under performed, so people are trying to figure out a way to wash that taste out of peoples mouths, and technically Cyborg covers you for space and science so win win right? It also looks like Entourage is coming true as Aquaman is getting his own movie. The super hero who gets clowned almost as much as Plastic Man(look him up on your own) is getting his shot at the Silver Screen, though it might just be so that Marvel doesn’t beat their ass to that too. Cause I heard Namor has started shooting.


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