When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

The first official “shiny head” day of 2017

Eikichi is a dick, yes this is the only way this post can begin. Way back in 07 or 08 when I just got back from Atlanta, pre marital collapse, I returned of course with much shorter hair. When I left in 06 I had past my shoulder locks and when I came back I basically had a low easily maintained fro. The problem with the easily maintained fro was of course it wasn’t my locks, and I didn’t want to go through the relocating process again. So after a good year of letting it grow out, looking scruffy as hell and then trimming it back I had a “fuck it” day.

Now I don’t remember how close to eye patch week “fuck it” day was but I know I grabbed some clippers, went to a mirror and shaved every inch off the top of my head. Now everyone else had a normal reaction: nice cut, you look good, that’s different but no, not Eikichi his ass screams out “Señor Shiny Head”because he’s a 5’8 3/4” DICK and has for the most part screamed it out every mid to late March ever since because that’s about the time of year when I finally shave my head because the weather is warm enough for me to no longer worry about “head colds.” 

  • Yes that is really me
  • Yes that is gray hair in my beard
  • ignore the stuff behind me
  • stop looking up my nose
  • yes I CUT MY HAIR OFF, though the front is thinning anyway

I meant to post this WAAAAY earlier but due to my day being hectic, a few devices being petty as fuck, and my laptop never leaving its carrier even though it left the car a few times(my tablet either) this is gonna be one of those FEW as soon as I’m done slamming the keys published posts. Because there is some other shit I want to write about, this has been a day and I tried to poison myself. It wasn’t on purpose as has been said before I like to be Gastrointestinally adventurous and today that shit did not pay off but yeah that’s for the next post. So let me get to it


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