When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

It’s about damn time Sony


Yes it has to be said like that, it has been a sticking point since the middle of the extended console generation of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, Sony has been dicking around with allowing you to use external hard drives to save your games(not you save files but the games themselves) and transport them around. It was actually one of the BIGGEST role reversals in the last two console generations, with the PS3 Sony was DRM’d down and as horror stories came out about it folks were flocking to the Xbox 360 for the free gaming experience and the lack of hardline when it came to whether or not you could buy, sell, or rent the games. Unfortunately when it came to the Xbox one Microsoft jumped too far with the “always on, always connected to the internet” rhetoric when it came to the Xbox one. You had to have the camera(which they had an understandable reason for, it wasn’t explained well) and so was them wanting you to always be connected to the internet(for constant software updates) once again their messenger SUCKED.

The one thing that they DID present correctly was the ability to buy external storage to boost your Xbox One from 500 GB internal(which was what most of the initial consoles of both companies shipped with) to 500 internal plus whatever size external drive was available at the time. In 2013 that would most likely have been a 1 tb, which at the time would have been pretty good for an external drive, and I’m sure if you had an arm or leg to spare you might even find a 2 tb or maybe a 3 tb of the storage with it’s own power source.Sony on the other hand, kept PROMISING external storage was on the way but as both consoles launched in 2013 and they are finally offering it here in 2017 you see how far behind they lagged. Most likely because Microsoft shot itself in the foot with all their high falutin DRM sounding talk. So Sony was allowed to pshaw external storage for a few more years mainly because hey, we are in the lead why should we offer new shit.

The thing is, I think all the issues with the launch of the PS Pro as well as the fact that VR isn’t exactly flying off the shelves(it’s sold just under 1 million units, but they have over 50 million ps4’s in homes) has lit a fire under their asses. So what, what’s the big deal about external storage you have a hard drive in the system why is storage even an issue anymore? “My Xbox 360 or My PS3 rarely used up all of it’s space and I had a HUGE collection of games!” I know you are saying that in your head right now, because yes prior to the current gaming generation you playing your game from the disc and you saved your: music, current completion level, play captures, digital games, and pictures on the systems hard drive. Well all that has changed my friend.


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