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It’s about damn time Sony

The Current Generation Storage Model

The thing about storage in THIS gaming generation is that all games are stored on the system, even if you buy a physical copy of the game. To cut down on load times in game, Microsoft and Sony both have the game install itself to your internal hard drive so that once the game is in your drive(unless you bought it digitally) it doesn’t take forever to cue up and get started. And with games on Blu Rays now and taking up 20+ GB’s you can understand why this MIGHT be appealing. The problem is, the side effect of all of these giant games on your internal drive is that while you can KEEP buying game discs, your internal storage isn’t going to change. so at 500 gb roughly 400 useable by you if you own 20 games(or installed around 20 games and apps) you are out of space. Now for Microsoft that wasn’t really a problem they already gave you access to the ability to externally storage apps, games, and the like so as long as it was compatible hoard away.

Not so much for Sony, since you could only externally store a BACK UP of your current set up/hard drive contents one you were out of space you were out of space and if you wanted to add a 21st game you most likely had to delete something(trust me I have had to do it a few times). And yes both offer cloud storage options but that is for game saves/current system set up you can’t PLAY a game from the cloud(yet). My Xbox one died one day, just refused to start and once I got it started it basically had to factory reset “OMG NOOOOO!!!!!! RAGE RAGE RAGE,” so of course everything that wasn’t on the system from the day I bought it was gone right? Wrong ,it took a few hours and every once in a while a game I haven’t played in a minute has to reach out and grab it’s old info but everything was placed back on my xbox. Which made me smile that good old cheshire. Eikichi was in similar dire straights with his PS4, to make matters worse he THOUGHT he had never hooked it up to PS PLUS(which is basically Sony’s premium multiplayer service) so when he reset his PS4(because it also refused to work) he felt he was ass out, until one day he hooked his PS4 up to the internet to watch something on the web browser and it told him it was downloading all of his gaming data. So yes, cloud storage is awesome it just isn’t ready to allow you to play your games like you may play your hidden porn stash from your phone or tablet.

Like I said though that all changed with this current update, and with it we may see a new door open in gaming. If companies no longer have to worry about upping your hard drive size to get you to buy their product, maybe they could just give you a faster Solid State Drive and let you fend for yourself for the big stuff. A faster(yet somewhat smaller due to price constraints) SSD would have your system booting up, your games moving faster, and probably even your system running smoother if they let you run to Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or Target to get whatever passport or Mybook was on sale. Plus with the way External Storage sizes are growing and prices are dropping it might not seem like a bad idea to go back to the Playstation One version of the world, where they had barebones storage on the system and your were responsible for buying ALL of your games storage space. Granted that doesn’t mean you can just grab ANY old usb storage and plop it in your machine to save your “applications”(it’s what Sony calls everything you load on your gaming system *SHRUG*).


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