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It’s about damn time Sony

External Storage Specifications

There are some rules as to WHAT type of external storage you can use:

  • Has to be USB 3 compatible
  • Can be no Smaller than 250 GB
  • Can be no larger than 8 tb
  • Has to be formatted to the PS4 ecosystem

The last part has to be explained in detail but I will get to that in a minute, USB 3 is standard even the Xbox One requires that. You would have to probably go to a closeout store to find an external(or any) drive under 500 GB but it’s most likely because if you are gonna format it you won’t get the full 250 ANYWAY and then how many games can you really save on like 160 or below? 2 or three not really worth the time. No larger than 8 tb might seem weird but honestly have you even SEEN an 8tb drive(I have seen a few, but I was actually looking for them?

Now to that formatting business, like most devices when you add a new hard drive you have to set it up so that the system recognizes it and the file systems match up. No it isn’t really a raw drive like you put in a computer but it has kind of been set up to either work on Windows(which neither a PS4 or PS Pro is running), Mac, or Linux and while the Xbox one is running on Windows it isn’t using the same file system as the computers. So yes whether you install an external drive on an Xbox one or a PS you have to format and initialize it first. The steps are as so:

  1. Unbox the external drive
  2. Turn off system
  3. Connect the drive to the system
  4. Turn on the system
  5. Go to the storage system
  6. Select the drive
  7. Format the drive
  8. Enjoy your new storage

I know it sounds daunting but it really is that simple about 8 steps, give or take.  And thankfully Sony is now allowing it’s fans to join the “storage revolution” since you can get a 256 thumb/flash drive in stores now it won’t be too hard to find that extra storage you might need. And if you are joining the “digital gaming” revolution you will probably enjoy not having to delete a game to add a new game, I know I will.


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