When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Obviously one does not just Dare Arby’s

Devouring this sandwich bite by bite is basically Bruce engulfing Ms. Trunchbull’s decadent chocolate cake in front of the entire school when she tried to break and embarrass you. This sandwich is scary, Arby’s tagline is always: We have the meats! The fuck told them PROVE IT? Seriously, did somebody tell Arby’s they mama wasn’t shit and they couldn’t make a sandwich to make her proud? Is this where the dude who USED to work for Warframe went to, Steve is this your handy work?

Steve is the IMAGINARY dude who works out Warframe who I say is responsible for the wave 100 super death. Look it up, Warframe wave 100. Like you can have the best gear and still the wave USED to start and you died almost immediately. Folks complained so they had a conversation with Steve and made him take his level 1037 characters and go.

I swear somebody pissed in Steve’s corn flakes, gave him an extra shake afterwards and asked him how he was feeling. Like the sandwich is literally named Meat Mountain, and yes it does look like a mountain of meat. And with the way the cheeses are spread out, it’s almost like somebody just decided to throw all of the sliders together on a bigger bun. With bacon, because it ISN’T a monster sandwich if not topped by bacon.

Now yes part of me wants to grab my brothers, go to Arby’s, and make us order 3 sandwiches to try and finish them before we go to a movie or something. I swear this thing is dripping with tryptophan, and not just because it has turkey in it. I think they injected it in there, they should probably be handing you pillows if you can finish this sandwich because most likely in 15 minutes you will be knocked out(there is a theater within 6 minutes of the Arby’s I am thinking of) and snoring. This isn’t just a why would you do this, but what kind of person does this moment, and why would you eat this? 10 items on the sandwich, it probably explodes if you add a pickle smh. There is a certain perverse curiosity that makes me WANT to try the sandwich and yet there is a fear, like what kind of person am I if I do finish it? What does it say about my character… Meat Mountain is waiting to break you or to congratulate you on your greed.


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