When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Hidey Ho, Primal the blogger here

I got a moose in the next room(My nephew) and I am waiting for my pre-order to come through. Yes I pre ordered Injustice 2, the first one was extremely fun and while I waited til it was long in the tooth to buy it I had a blast playing it way on the PS4. I got I2 for the X-bone though. The only annoying thing, I misread WHEN it would be available, I saw 11 o’clock I thought they meant eastern time. No, Primal they meant in your Time Zone because it’s available at midnight.

So guess who just tried to play Injustice 2 54 minutes early? Yes I know most likely by the time I finish this blog, edit it, mark it up and yadda yadda it will probably be midnight, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was rushing, a game, that I already paid for, because I am an impatient ass.(Eikichi is somewhere laughing hysterically in agreement right now, so fuck him in advance).

Minions is playing in the background(Next room, with the munchkin, Who is REFUSING to sleep. Fucking Covert Op running ass), while I do my daily sign ins, play some fallout shelter, and a little gems of war(for a little longer than expected since, no Injustice…….YET), I still have yet to WRITE the guardians review or the Trailer review, Started the trailers then got side tracked. Worked on it earlier in the week and them the drivers side front tire in my car decided it was time to play a game. I swear the tire and the spare were Kendrick Lamar fans, WAKE UP flat, go to work FLAT, come Home Flat, put on the spare BLOW OUT. Yes, on Mother’s day I had a blow out. Why, cause fuck my plans that’s why. I don’t remember smacking Murphy but I guess he decided to lay down the law on me, so fuck Murphy.

I didn’t finish my blog about rejoining the “Wonderful World of Contact Lens wearers” either. I blame lack of sleep for that, I literally just felt like cracking open the seal on these once again NEGLECTED BLOGS before E3 cause when I start blogging I don’t want it to be like “he only shows up for the games” cause I do show up for the games, but for other things too. And when I can come up with a decent list of what those things are I will DEFINITELY come back. I heard the Injustice 2 Mobile game was pretty hot as well, I may do a “What I’m playing” over the weekend, depending on how many times supes of brainiac smacks me around.

TTFN(I forget who used to say Ta Ta For Now, possibly tigger


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