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Watching the EA replay for E3 2017

I haven’t played Fifa since it debuted back in the 90’s, I guess that Fifa 2017’s story mode was of so awesomely appreciated that they have moved it to Madden 18. Which of course is interesting since a “build you own player from scratch mode” has been a part of 2k for at least 4 years now. Granted, 2k had to go all out in Basketball because EA bought sole rights to American Football way back in the day. Let’s be real, Madden almost ALWAYS looks good, it’s EA’s meal ticket and it gets MOST of their resources. Madden has been that shit since it was Sega versus Nintendo, epic all nighters where your ordered pizza, wings, and possibly bought beer if you were legal. Now of course Football is football save for a few rules changes here and there, players getting older, and teams changing, it is pretty much the same year after year.

EA’s next offer was Battlefield, they are about to add the Russian front. To be honest I didn’t buy battlefield one, I am not a big fan of the musket style weapons, thus anything older than like the 1960’s I tend to avoid. I see that people have had fun with it, I ain mad, it looks cute but it just ain my bag. They do appear to be going ahead and adding more content and detail though which is always good, I am happy that in this newer digital age that a game is no longer old and finished after you buy it. I like updates, DLC is sometimes hit or miss but the option for it has made gaming a lot more interesting. EA focused on a lot of players experiences in battlefield 1(which I can WATCH people play battlefield just not play it myself) which were varied and hilarious.

Next was Fifa, it looks like they aren’t done with Alex Hunter(the guy whose career you follow last year in 17), supposedly they decided to up the ante and use Rinaldo to motion capture the player movements. I don’t know soccer but I do know he is like THAT DUDE on the pitch. This years Alex Hunter script appears to be following Alex as he is either about to be traded or leave his current club via free agency.  Again, I haven’t played fifa in well over a decade, but they are claiming that with the help of Rinaldo they are supposedly letting you run as each player, play the way your club plays, and enjoy a real life experience. Maybe I have been spoiled by Madden but we have sort of had that since the 00’s. I am sure that the fifa players will enjoy it.

There is a new Need for Speed game coming out, yeah I don’t care. It’s hilarious that had a Youtube creator starting off the presentation and his nerves were about the only thing that held my interest. I’m not mad at the guy, it’s one thing to be talking to your fans on your channel, it’s quite another to be the one presenting a game to people like me(even though I didn’t watch it live) who may or may not really want to hear about THIS particular game. Is it pretty, yes. Do things go splodey, yes. There is a story line, some hot cars, and Fast and Furious like interactions past that not interested. You like it cool, I will find you a trailer for it.

The also showed off a game from the creator of the indy game Brothers: A tale of Two sons called “A Way Out“. Reminds me of Kane and Lynch sort of but it has the added feature/restriction of being a solely split screen co-op game. Regardless to if the person is next to you on the couch or on the internet, I think that will be weird but I will admit it is innovative. You follow two men trying to escape from prison, and depending on what is going on in THAT characters sequence you may or may not be able to do anything and how you choose to solve a puzzle is affected by who you send to do the task. That actually sounds like a decent bit of chaos, should you send the brain or the muscle, interesting but I don’t know if I will buy it.

We got our FIRST mention of the Xbox Scorpio(and they called it Scorpio I guess until Microsoft releases the name nobody can say it), they showed an even prettier version of Madden 18 on it. Let me be perfectly clear, if I BUY a Scorpio it will be in 2018 when some of the dust settles and I can see a few hands on uses of it. Hopefully it lives up to the hype, because a powerful gaming system makes EVERYBODY’S gaming experience better.


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  1. Oops seems a Missed a game Anthem by Bioware here’s a link to it’s trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBvkjJU-cfY

    06/11/2017 at 4:03 PM

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