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Watching the EA replay for E3 2017

It appears that EA(Electronic Arts, in case you have no clue what those initials stand for) still hasn’t given up on it’s pretty much defunct NBA game, they are showing off NBA Live 18, this USED to be that game. Like 2K was okay but we ALL used to wait for the next live like we did for the next Madden and then one year, it was the year without Live. They cancelled their game out of nowhere and 2K has never looked back. Once again they are giving you a “build your player from scratch” mode which isn’t new, it’s sort of new to them but plenty of games have had an RPG mode with a create your own character mode. The replay mode looks nice but meh, replay is replay those are alright but how does the game play live. We shall see later on this summer.

John Boyega is has made it, EA opened up their Battlefront II coverage with his tweet. Granted, he’s in star wars it’s not like you can duck it, he’s a social media sensation just answer him and get it over with. I first saw the Battlefront II play through before I watched the Replay, let me say this IF I see you break out Darth Maul, EVERY THERMO DETONATOR I HAVE IS COMING YOUR WAY. Nah Bitch, nah I am not swallowing your dual sided lightsaber, homey lived through the whole match. Rey died in like 20 seconds, he just running through slashing folks in half. Look bruh it’s not my fault Obiwan cut ya legs off, it’s like a rule “Jump over Obi lose ya legs, ask Vader.” I want to say this, the battle points idea is epic and awesome, yes I know it already exists in CoD, but we like it in CoD, it is awesome in CoD. Of course in Call of Duty they are technically one shot abilities for a limited amount of time. In Battlefront you use it until you die. I wish we could have real lightsaber battles between like Darth Maul and Yoda as in the trailer but it does look pretty.

Hi I am John Boyega, you will get to play as me(and I will be playing as me) for free when the First Order DLC drops. Fin and Phasma will be in the game, awesome I like that they listened to fans, and I will most likely buy it, especially if I can just stay in space(what, I like the space battle fuck you. If somebody shoots you down, doing a barrel roll, in and X-wing and then closes his wings, it’s probably me) it was always one of the most fun parts of the Star Wars games, just hopping in a ship and gunning down all who were dumb enough to join you in space and be on the other side.

EA had a pretty looking E3, we have to wait til Wednesday of the Xbox conference to see more Madden 18 on the Scorpio(which is gonna be interesting since Madden usually drops in August but Scorpio drops in October). It should be pretty, and I will definitely be looking into the Scorpio or whatever it is called come this holiday season. But Xbox is dropping it’s E3 tonight at 5pm 4 central


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  1. Oops seems a Missed a game Anthem by Bioware here’s a link to it’s trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBvkjJU-cfY

    06/11/2017 at 4:03 PM

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