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Bethesdaland, hey hey they called it that

Bethesda started off their show with the kids of some of their content creators. Then the CEO came out which after the year they have had of course he is happy to do as many victory laps as you allow. They start off with a new VR offering which I still ain sold on VR yet so this game looks alright but I ain worried about it even. Doom VFR hmm okay and second up is apparently Fallout 4 VR which they talked about last year, not a surprise but hey it is still pretty looking. Then they go to Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind. Again when I tell you these are nothing but victory laps for Bethesda they made a lot of bets last year and most of them paid off in spades.

Now they are talking about all the mods that have been downloaded for PS4 and Xbox one, uh oh Creation Club. Bethesda is finding a new way to get all of your money, just give them accesss to your bank account now, they are coming for you duckets. Now Bethesda is talking about a strategy card game: Elder Scrolls Legends:Heroes of Skyrim. I guess hearing that people actually liked Gwent and downloaded the preview gave them license to gone ahead and get up in that genre. Looks like it is just for mobile though interesting call.

Nintendo Switch is getting Skyrim, wait they showed you downloading links shit into the game. They are seriously just after everybody’s money if you play that nintendo toy statue game you can get links outfit, shield, sword, and who knows what else.

Dishonored:Death of the Outsider, looks like the dark eyed bastard pissed off the wrong people. There is a red eyed(singular) assasin on his tale and I don’t think she is going to give up with his head.

Next up Quake Champions, the “original Esport” 1,00,000 prize pool for this years quake championship at quake con. Don’t look at me I was never that good a Quake player.

The Evil Within 2, I didn’t play the first game and this one looks crazy as shit and it drops on Friday October 13th 2017, crazy they really went all out with this shit.

Wolfenstein II the new Colossus, so there is a giant ass flame spitting metal mech dog something. I think the Bethesda CEO felt that the crew that made this game dropped acid before creating it. Nah son that was some over the top ass shit. Bathesda made it quick, easy, and semi dirty.  BE3 was the hashtag

Doom VFR looks like a movie, I mean yes it is first person but the detail was amazing. I don’t know about the controls nor do I think people really want to virtually be in hell but I COULD be wrong, some of yall may want that free preview and an appointment with your cardiologist.

Fallout 4 VR looks like it might be hard. When they were trying to minigun that DeathClaw it looks like VR was not his friend. I could be wrong though, the graphics were amazing, other then the floating gun it looked okay, I am just not a fan of VR yes I wear contacts now but I think that would irritate the hell out of my eyes.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowing will take fans of the series back to a favorite landscape. I hope they enjoy(never got into the elder scrolls games, thats an Eikichi thing) the reaction from the people in the trailer seemed to be excited.

Creation Club looks like it might be Bethesda’s own micro transaction gold mine, I know a few people who love to get their hands on all the mods possible. So a mod store they can easily log into is probably right up their alley. Plus they can get Skyrim and Fallout4 mods, I am sure they will add other properties later to the list but those two alone will probably keep them floaded with credits.


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