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Microsofts E3 part 2

if you read the earlier post you see that Microsoft brought the games to E3 2017, not some of the unfortunate canceled titles from 2016 but a whole range of new ones with all different levels of Experiences being offered. Now understand for the most part this isn’t the grand daddy show oh no Microsoft I believe is going to do it again on either Tuesday or Wednesday this was basically just “Hey this is our new hardware and the games we will be showing off this week.” And with 42 games in all they have created quite a buzz. Anyway next up on the list was

Cuphead, this game has been kicking around for a few years it looks like an old school cartoon I mean early days of color style cartoon. It was just a quick reminder and a release date but it is nice to see an anticipated game come out instead of being canceled(say like Scalebound, that game looked cool as shit). It’s basically a side scrolling shooter but it could be fun.

Crackdown 3, crackdown one was a fun game that we all liked til my 360 broke, Crackdown 2 came out and became the game that NOBODY talked about(I guess I could look it up) I didn’t get a chance to play it because my Xbox 360 finally died and I wanted a blu ray player so I got a PS3. The action proposes to be more over the top and they have PROMISED fully destructible environments, it has a release date now so lets see if they can deliver. And with Terry Crews as one of the voice actors you know you will be constantly hyped up, as you can see in the trailer he is having way too much fun in his shiny outfit. Yall den gave TC a big gun, a microphone and told him go HAM smh it’s like they want a Cole Train in Crackdown 3. Come on now I know as you level up so does your gear “Step up your Boom” though, have they not seen an Old Spice commercial?

Ashen, some sort of weird dungeon crawler. The voice over is talking about the Dark being older than the light and some sort of rebirth, light being weak and fickle. It’s an interesting game and a stylized one which should appeal to some gamers.

Life is Strange:Before the storm, an episodic game that tries to live up to its title. You follow a young girl around her small town as her life apparently goes to shit. She has some type of time altering powers but suffers from the butterfly effect when she uses them. This appears to be a prequel(I didn’t play the original game so I have no clue if this is the ONLY way you can make another game in this universe). If you like Episodic games this ones for you.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a sequel to the Ori game. I don’t know much about the Ori series but it is definitely stylized. Hey you know I’m not the type to blow smoke up your ass can you tell what this game is about from this trailer? Me either it looks like an oddly lit yet colorful animated world end of story. Comments are open down below if you played the original Ori please enlighten us all.


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