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Microsofts E3 part 2

Microsoft has also decided to gone ahead and stretch their backwards compatibility all the way to the Original Xbox. That’s right so all those games you were playing back there in 02, 03, and 04 before the big dog launched can be played again. Now yes, I am sure some of you still own your original monstrous X-boxes, with the huge controller, and the weird connecting cables you can get with the future now without having to give up the past.

They announced the price of the one X which as I stated in the previous blog was 499, not really surprising. They have put enough equipment in the new box to be able to sell it at the original full price, and it is premium equipment. It’s kind of funny that the Xbox one X will have a 4k UHD blu ray player in it but the Ps Pro doesn’t, and it’s made by Sony. I guess it could be called Power to Spare, and the specs are there, fully there they didn’t skimp at all. I know there was a stronger processor that could have been used but as they wanted to keep it around 500 bucks(which they did) I think they grabbed the right parts for the job.

Anthem, Ea came out to close the show with the gameplay reveal for Anthem some are calling it a Destiny killer it does look like a cool game. As I have never played Destiny I don’t know whether or not it’s true looks like a 4 person squad based shooter, I don’t know if there are MMO capabilities built-in like Destiny since I have seen raids where while your TEAM may be four people other teams can be involved. I will say this, they blew shit up good we got a look at the Colossus and the Ranger power armors, we also saw the ranger get a legendary rifle as a pick up from killing an enemy.  I doubt it will be that easy when the game actually drops but hey, just randomly leveling up in Injustice 2 can sometimes get you epic gear and it might be stronger than anything else you have at the time but as it is level appropriate as you level up more the stats can leave something to be desired.

Overall I think Microsoft did a good job, no they didn’t leave it with the cool as name Scorpio, don’t ask me why they trademarked that weird-looking “S” then but hey it’s their dough. They showed you games running like greased lightning in 4k, they dropped “The GAMES” for those closet Xbox lovers the Sony fanboys, and they let us know they are going to increase back pat, as well as enhance games for the new equipment. It may be a mid console refresh but both sides(I know Nintendo is out there, but they have long given up trying to be in this arms race, you want cute go to Nintendo, you want power Sony and Microsoft) decided to up the power anti, though it looks like Sony stopped a little short of COMPLETELY refreshing their hardware. If you look at the computing leaps and bounds we have made in the last 4 years I understand why Microsoft has gone this far, this console generation may have to stretch another 3 or 4 years and if so the OLD hardware would not have just been ancient but defunct. 2014 found breakthroughs in Memory and Processors that were making the consoles obsolete one sooner than normal.

Even so it will still be about how well those games deliver on USING said power. You don’t have to buy a 4k TV just yet if you don’t want to, it will look pretty as hell on the 1080p+ set you have now. But if you ARE in the market for 4k it will look even prettier.


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