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Xbox One X? XOX tired of the Bone jokes are we Microsoft?

Not that the term Xbone X won’t become a thing, cause it probably will, looks sweet though. And yes, yes I know how game fanboys are people are gonna be all about “specs mean nada, what about the games” welp as Phil announced 22 exclusives with double X enhanced experiences(Hmm the XX I like it, almost porno graphic yup they had to see this coming). Now to be fair, I got so bored trying to wait for the conference to start that I missed the beginning of the show so I watched someone else’s live stream and wound it back. I wanted to make sure I got the console name right before I started Blogging about it. SO the important shit:

The Xbox One X is smaller(it’s barely larger than the controller I guess they got tired of the SIZE comments cause people only like their Dicks, Tits, Asses and TV’s big smh), it looks sleeker, comes in an almost either matte black or else Gun Metal Gray. It is also Launching as a Scorpio(IE between October 22 and November 21), they didn’t keep the name but at least they dropped it around the right time. I know I am currently watching the mixer stream, but they are dropping these exclusives like crazy, a new Metro(which I will get into detail with later), Forza 7, Deep Rock Galactic, State of Decay 2, The Darwin Project, okay and now they are talking about a minecraft update. It almost looks like Microsoft is saying “take your claims of 4k gaming not being possible and our lack of games along with your PS4 Pro, without a 4k bluray player even though Sony makes it, turn that sum bitch sideways and shove it straight up your ass.

I mean, I love me some forza I didn’t play 5 but of what I played of 6 it was awesome, and next sale I am what the fuck are they doing with a new Dragon Ball z game on my screen, that looks just like the cartoon. Dragonball Fighter Z, ooookay that just happened. I don’t know why it happened I mean US gamers are supposed to hate DBZ games we love the show, and the movies but supposedly never buy the games but that bitch looked sweet. Dear Microsoft I am trying to blog dropping a new DBZ game and whatever black Desert is does not help me do that. Microsoft did say though that they were going to show 42 games at E3 with 22 exclusives so I guess they are making good on that, because seriously look down too long and you are like “wait what just went across my screen. And they have a lot of games with a “Xbox One X Enhanced” logo in a lot of corners. I am probably going to wait til like January or March to get a XX because yeah I may not have a 4k TV yet but it does look nice and future proofed.

Of course this is SUPPOSEDLY about the games not just the hardware, and they are trying to deliver so first game shown off on the new Box is of course:

Forza 7, like to race love the sound of a powerful engine whining under your expert steering THIS is the game for you. Hell they even showed you a brand new Porsche, like LITERALLY brand new, to the world, and you get to see a professional porsche driver tool it around. Nice, weather effects look even crisper(which with Forza is like an every entry thing), tracks look cleaner, and there did not appear to be a frame rate drop as all the cars were flying around. It’s usually worth it to get a Forza season pass since it means that you will be getting all the new cars as they drop, but it’s up to you they cars that you get at launch usually take a while to get unless you never lose(which ain me, I do okay but I lose from over aggressive driving). It’s still 24 cars, scaleable skilled AI, paint trading, and loud, loud engines. I may pre-order it this time last time instead of getting it on Gamefly, it was fun but of course I had to send it back to try and get something else. I wasn’t a fan of Horizon so I didn’t buy it in any of the packs. Hey I did just sign up for Game pass so maybe it will be in there soon just not yet.

Okay, I need to take my time out of my REGULAR blogging to say, WTF is up with putting Terry Crews in Crackdown 3? No, seriously this man loves being jacked and you are putting him in Testosterone the video game 3, now with more BOOM. And it looks like it’s a Scorpio launch title, I don’t know if the world is as destructible as originally planned but there are lots of explosions, bullets, bombs, cars being thrown, outlandish jumps. The original Crackdown was a fun romp through becoming a crime fighting Super Hero I hear the sequel not so much. Sometimes though having the right voice actor can liven things up. I’ll get into more detail with it later though.

Metro Exodus, we do love our Post Apocalyptic games. Looks like society lost, and lost badly, highways littered with cars, buildings dilapidated, and crazy mutated creatures abound. I haven’t played any Metro games previously, and when I watch streamers I always catch them underground in sewers, subways, and various other tunnels. So I have no clue what their outside world looks like. I will admit though, I love a good crossbow and in the gameplay trailer it does look sweet.


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