When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Xbox One X? XOX tired of the Bone jokes are we Microsoft?

Wow I think I just got Rare Replay for free since I watched the Microsoft E3 conference on Mixer. So for all reading this, watch Xbox Daily on Mixer for your free Mixpot because who doesn’t love free stuff, supposedly they are extending it all week-long so if you own an Xbox start a Mixer account(formerly Beam) and watch microsofts conference either on your Xbox if you can’t catch it live tune in to Xbox Daily. Now some might say, “so what Rare Replay is a bunch of old games remastered” yes, yes it is thing is I didn’t finish Kameo the first time around (that I got on gamefly), I don’t remember if I finished Perfect Dark Zero, and there were a few other good games in there. Now yes some of those games are also available on Microsoft game pass, which is fine when they get replaced on Game pass I will still have the whole shebang.

Assassins Creed Origins, Ubisoft is back and they have decided to take you back to the very beginning Ancient Egypt. Open World, check. Larger the life, check. Beautiful backdrop, check. Everything has a beginning and we are about to find out why the assassins order was founded, might even find out who first discovered the Apple of Eden, we will definitely be walking past giant statues of Set, Anubis, Osiris, And Horus. They showed off a gameplay trailer which also looked pretty good. As always there is a preorder bonus, which if you like Assassin’s Creed games may be just up your alley. I think they had gotten a little stale and the year off seems to have done them some good. We shall see if the franchise gets revived by this break.

Player Unknown:Battlegrounds, this could have been called “You sneaky Son of a Bitch” the video game. basically you and I believe 49 other people are dropped into a remote location where you have to find guns, armor, and other equipment and try to survive until the bitter end. You can loot houses, the bodies of your victims, I think there are even some cooperative elements but know this, you will be cursing up a storm. Now one might say “if there are 50 people how do they keep folks from hiding the whole match?” and that is simple, what they do is every few minutes they shrink the board so that ULTIMATE HIDEY HOLE you found is only good until the map shrinks around you and once you are out there beyond the safe zone you are dead anyway. It was MOSTLY a PC game but it appears now that Xbox one and the Xbox one X will be getting this survival game.

Deep Rock Galactic, this is some type of four player co-op mine crawler game. You and your Dwarf friends are working your way through some space rock digging for minerals, yes I said dwarves. You and 3 other dwarves are living out your Tolkien dreams and probably digging too damn deep. Smh

State of Decay 2, can you tell how successful Zombie Horror franchises are? The world has turned on it’s ass, MASSES of people have become the undead and there are a few survivors out here trying to make a way in a world that has gone so far past shit there haven’t invented a word for it, because they are too busy trying to survive. In this trailer looks like a bunch of folks are leaving some type of government compound because it has become over run by massive amounts of zombies(Bruh where the Napalm at? Where the chain guns, we got more than 30 bullets per person alive on this Planet where they at???), using guns, machetes, bats pipes our crew gets to a truck, only to see a woman fighting off a group of zombies on the side of the road(why did you NOT keep running, get away crazy), they help save her get to a church with a decent height wall and start setting up a camp. You see a mild progression on what you can do with a camp and then apparently you have to leave to find a new chance to die. One of the guys who saves you buys it wholesale and the credits pretty much roll.  If you like Zombie Survival games or the first one the next one is on it’s way.


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