When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Xbox One X? XOX tired of the Bone jokes are we Microsoft?

The Darwin Project, turn down your speakers before watching because during the live stream we got a hyper ass announcer halfway through, I am guessing this is some type of mixer interactive game so yeah Okay but dude SERIOUSLY what in the fuck. It looks like some kind of Survival Gameshow where you have hunters and orange jumpsuited contestants. It looks weird, It might be fun being what MIGHT be some kind of criminal being hunted by other players and possibly being saved if someone from one of the streaming services chimes and to help or suggest some action. Of course, you would have to have viewers who liked you cause catch the wrong jackass and death.

Oh if you are wondering yes I am still going, Phil said they were going to show 42 games and he meant 42 games. Now no I will not be able to put everyone up here because when they finally get to the ID@Xbox segment they kind of rush them through but all the stuff before that, I got you…

Minecraft, yeah if you like it you know about it I am just gonna drop the trailer and move on. I will say this though it’s a pixelated game why do you need THAT in 4 FUCKING K, oooh look the blocks look prettier… The fuck. Oops let me not be a dick Microsoft is allowing crossplay so if you have a switch and want to play minecraft with a friend who owns an Xbox one you can, and with folks on PC and Mobile. By the way me and Olli43 felt the exact same fucking way when seeing this(I used his stream to rewatch the beginning) “Um lady I’m pretty sure it’s still just blocks” okay fine smoother looking blocks but blocks none the less.

Dragon Ball Fighters Z, this one gets a dammit Phil but of course it also gets a “I guess they don’t ignore japanese gamers just because they are PS4 fans now do they.” I haven’t played a DBZ game in years, including the two Xenoverses. I know, I know I just get busy and Xenoverse looked like it was really time intensive the animation looks straight from the TV though, and they through some multi contestant tag shit in there. Would it be cheesy to basically run up against somebody with a Sayan force say: Mystic Gohan, God Vegeta, and God Goku(I am being lazy and told feel like type the words or the initials. But hey hit up Eikichi he loves to do it). Seriously though they added 3 vs 3 battles how is the planet still there when you get done Freeza, Gold Freeza, Goku, SS3 Goku, SS2 Gohan, Majin Vegeta, Majin Buu, Cell the planet should just fall apart from the sheer amount of damage being thrown it’s way.

Black Desert, this game is in the vein of FFXI, World of Warcraft, FFXIV, and all the other MMORPG’s that people sink hours of their lives into, and have a blast doing. I don’t know where this game has been hiding but it does look like fun, and the guy with the twin axes I know that is some kind of limit attack but Hooo Leeee SHIT did he go HAM. I almost want to play this game for that attack alone, talk about “Fuck. Yo.COUCH!” he meant that shit for real.

The Last Night, it’s 3D, It’s 4k, it’s PIXELATED?!?! umm is this a new trend? anyway the game looks interesting on some futuristic Blade Runner type shit but this wasn’t a game play trailer just a reveal so okay maybe it turns about to be a new cool thing *shrug*

The Artful Escape, yeah umm yall figure this one out on your own. No you aren’t high this is really what the game looks like. This is like “Bill and Ted make a video game” I’m serious, it is.

Code Vein, This game looks like an anime fans dream. Lots of blood, over the top action, hacking and slashing, a bunch of colorful characters, with a crazy voice over. It reminds me of one of the newer Animes of like the last few years but I can’t think of the name right now. The guy with the belts that keep covering his face looks like a bad ass but then again everybody looks like a bad ass in the trailer unless they don’t want you to.


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