When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Xbox One X? XOX tired of the Bone jokes are we Microsoft?

Sea of Thieves, it’s a pirates life for me, and you, and you, and you. I forget how many people can play along at the same time on the same crew(as they appear to fight another pirate crew the group in the video are at least 4 or 5 strong and they clear out a ship of about 6 too so it does look pretty massive. Now if you don’t like cell shaded games it probably isn’t for you but it does kind of remind me of Fable a little bit. It could be fun on the high seas or else a complete and total disaster but it will be fun to try or to watch. I missed the live stream earlier.

Tacoma, um you are in a Space Station? Yeah I got nothing on this one cool soundtrack though. *shrug*

Super Lucky’s Tale, it’s a game about a playful young fox. No that isn’t tails.
and here is that Montage I was telling you about ID@Xbox, a lot of cool games in there it says indy but some of them look damn near triple A level granted this man mean they are short as shit or episodic but that isn’t always terrible. I know some people love the tell tale games(which I myself have yet to get into, but I think I do have the wolf among us and I might buy Guardians of the Galaxy). Most of them look goofy but fun, a few of them look very pretty, but mostly it is the variety that Microsoft loves to brag about.

Okay this is getting longer than I thought so what I am gonna do is create a part two for it because yes Microsoft brought the games you happy Sony fan boys, you see the pressure you put them under and what we have to go through. Where are the games, where are the games right here you happy no(Nope now you are gonna complain about the dame price, watch)


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