When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I’m gonna need Sony to get a better preshow

Like bruh that preshow was drier than a fucking saltine cracker. The shit I caught was so “who gives a fuck?” when even your announce team can’t sound hyped about the shit you are trying to get them to show either you hire a new team or else give them some FUN SHIT TO TALK ABOUT. Wow a PSVue commercial, I think Microsoft broke their brains. Welp it looks like the new Uncharted game, Lost Legacy. Looks like a Tomb Raider killer(though I didn’t know anyone wanted poor Laura dead). Okay, this looks fun an expansion pack for Horizon Zero Dawn. Okay, they are trying to copy Microsoft’s game after game format from last night. Might have worked out better if they had put it on “Live from Playstation” and there are lots of frame rate drops, though it could be the amount of devices I have on my internet(somebody needs a new more powerful router).

They are showing off the biker game again, and they have dead bodies as props hanging behind the screen on stage ooookay. Days Gone, it’s an interesting looking Zombie Survival game(which really aren’t my thing but I will admit when they look good) the quick time events were pretty smooth, okay maybe it was the channel I was watching because it had some weird person talking over Shawn.  Had to switch that, I guess I picked the wrong playstation feed. It’s kind of funny Microsoft used the same stage as last year and Sony is using the same theater guy with a giant sword on his back I wonder what game this is… Monster Hunter World Meh.

I will expand on each of these later I am actually blogging this as I watch. Looks like they either remastered or else made a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus. Must be a remaster didn’t say 2. They also showed off Call of Duty WW2 and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Then we got Skyrim VR because you wanted to pay them for Skyrim again admit it. Another VR game called Star Child. This is the VR portion of the show, they just showed off a game called Inpatient, and now FFXV VR Monster of the Deep okay fishing was always fun in FFXI, this MIGHT be cool.A VR game called Bravo Team, I guess it depends on how well the aiming mechanic syncs up most people I see trying Shooters in VR are never happy gun never seems to point the right way but hey this is first gen home VR it will continue to get better. 1 million VR consoles sold and Sony is jumping into full VR mode during their conference, Moss the game. It looks interesting I remember their being a story about a sword carrying mouse back in the day, I forget it’s name though.

Okay no more VR they are now showing off the New God of War game. Kratos has a magic Axe now and some kind of Mechanically activated shield. The son actually doesn’t look completely useless like he did in the first trailer. Sadly as good as these games have always looked I never got into them, but it looks like an interesting story and if you know a few good streamers you might enjoy yourself watching them play through it. A new trailer for Detroit become human. It’s similar to Shadow/War of Mordor where each of your decisions changes what happens in the world. And now a new Trailer for Destiny 2, I actually like the selfish guy who is more worried about “his Stuff” it makes it hilarious. Yes we all just got our butts kicked but I really can’t believe I can’t get ahold of my stuff. Seems like Playstation has some timed exclusives on Destiny 2. Once again with the weird ass voice over yet if I retune into the youtube channel it disappears I don’t understand but the shit is annoying as fuck.

A new trailer for the Sony Spider-man game. Ooooh it’s a gameplay trailer me likey, looks like they have incorporated his web-swinging into the Arkham fight mechanics. As cool as this game looks there is not nearly enough Spider-man shit talking. I am at an extreme quip deficit on this one. The action was fast paced but he really didn’t trash talk any of the bad guys not even their annoying ass boss. Gran Tourismo is not the selling point it used to be but it is in this ending montage. And hey Miles Morales is in the new Spider-man game so this could be extra awesome.  Okay I am going to try and go back through and be more detailed with each of the games shown at Sony’s E3, it’s not as many games shown off as Microsoft but entirely too much VR. An installed 1 million unit base and yet you showed off like 10 or 12 VR games.


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