When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I’m gonna need Sony to get a better preshow

Uncharted Lost Legacy, this game follows two women as they search the globe for a lost treasure, the Tusk of Gonesh. I know some people are going to go gaga about the amount of times live music was used for the games but ummm you ain sending the band to my house so it is cute for an announcement but I wasn’t that wowed when Xbox did it. The backdrops look nice and as Uncharted 4 was a “Thiefs End” there is no drake so these two ladies are of course taking up the mantle, I mean 4 games isn’t bad for a main character. As I stated up top this looks like a Tomb Raider killer even though Tomb Raider hasn’t been “That IP” for a while now,  I think Rise of the Tomb Raider did well but not so well you had to aim for it.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Winter has come to Horizon I mean it wasn’t a gameplay trailer you seem some guys running from a big mechanical monster and then the main character says “I ain here for glory, I am here for the mountain,” glowy shit happens around her, “For Answers” so she is about to climb a giant lightning encased mountain and fight off some giant beasty I wish her luck. Look I saw how that shit went down in the Hobbit, you hear a lot of thunder and lightning on a mountain a couple of giants are settling an old dispute and you don’t want to be in the middle, IJS.

Days Gone, the gameplay trailer shows the zombies to be quite stupid, but relentless but you can use them as a weapon against non friendly NPC’s that is an interesting way to play a Zombie game. Doesn’t mean I am going to run out and buy it but it was interesting to see how when he saw superior numbers that instead of having to “stealth it up” himself he could just blow the containing wall and let the zombies “cull the heard” for him. Different way to solve the puzzle and a realistic one.

Monster Hunter World, most of this trailer is the main character running away from a monster with a super snoz that can’t see to track him unless it’s by sight. You can use camouflage, destructible environments and even more monsters to help you bring down your quarry. You can probably also get eaten, so keep on your toes folks. I’m sure this game has a fan base, at the moment it just isn’t making my socks roll up and down.

Shadow of the Collossus, this remaster looks gorgeous the giants are damn near photo real. If you liked the game the first time you will probably love the graphically updated version and yes you still have to stab them in their glyphs.

Capcom vs Marvel Infinite, somebody decide it would be an awesome idea to combine Ultron with Sigma to create the ultimate asshole villain, and then send them after the infinity stones. If this was the actual Marvel Capcom universe that person would also deserve to have Wolverine as his Proctologist, I can smell the cheese from here. I am sure this is going to be a fun game, but it’s not an exclusive the XX is gonna have it too(IJS). Sony did decide to show you the story mode which includes Gamora talking to Thanos about the hiding place of the rest of the Infinity Stones, a race against the unyielding swarm of the forces of UltronSigma, good luck heroes


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