When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I’m gonna need Sony to get a better preshow

I’m still on the fence if I am going to put all the VR into this post it bored me to sleep last night thus the delay of this review, I am dead serious if you look around the net save for the most extreme fanboys this was a disaster of a conference. On to the next game

Call of Duty WWII, it’s funny at this point in time I was playing Rainbow 6 games religiously instead of Battlefield and Cal of Duty because they wouldn’t get out of the past. Now yes they drop the ball a little bit with Infinite Warfare but I didn’t felt it required a full return to basics a WW with all the guns and equipment of the era. Thing is a lot of people have been clamoring for it and while Black Ops 3 was well received as I said IW wasn’t so here we are, Call of Duty back to the past looks good but I won’t be playing it.

Anyway the VR games in full were: Skyrim VR, Star Child VR, The Inpatient, Monster of the Deep(FFXV), Bravo Team , Moss, and a few more but I REFUSE to rewatch that pre show to find them. If you have a desire to claw out your eyes be my guest.

God of War, Kratos is no longer in Greece he has found his way North among the vikings. He has a young son that he is taking on a quest to deal with the Norse Gods and their dislike for Outsiders. He has traded his twin swords for a glowing Axe.

Detroit Become Human, a sort of android choose your own adventure game. Each choice you make changes the game going forward, you have to decide how to execute an android revolution. We humans have not treated our android companions with the respect and dignity their budding consciousness deserves and they are on the warpath. This is different than last years trailer where you played the android cop so there may be two different play through options.

Destiny 2, I mean Bungie is used to having the BIG IP ready for E3 they had to do it with Halo damn near every year when they were microsoft’s internal dev studio. This is not a new expansion back it is a full on sequel. Supposedly with new game mechanics and skill tree options welcome back folks, all your stuff has been blown to hell.

Spider-man PS4, this was the game that closed the show. I will admit it looks cool as hell playing as this Wall crawler, even if he doesn’t keep up with the prerequisite amount of quippage. He has a new suit, new tech, and yes it does look like his attacks are Arkham inspired but it looks extremely cool.

Okay, I slogged through it. Not nearly as many games as Microsoft but since we always grade Sony on a curve while some may admit this didn’t know their socks off others will be beating their chests because screaming who had the better games or pretending that 2 expansion packs/DLC’s are the same as new games.



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