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Primaldata CASUAL Gamer

I have been called MANY things in my life, a casual gamer has never been one of them. Let’s keep it real I have never really been a big podcast fan mainly because I am either gaming, watching sports, reading, watching movies, watching my shows on TV, or just goofing around on the internet and NOT blogging(cause yeah I can’t even use writing posts like this as an excuse) so for somebody to tell me that I am a CASUAL Gamer because my Trophy level on PSN is only level 7 (smh, when you can’t even tell a 6 from a 7 you have issues my dude) is a little shocking. I have like 18k Gamerscore on Xbox and level 7 on playstation(which trust me takes a few hundred trophies which for a guy who MOSTLY enjoys multiplayer games is nothing to sneeze at) okay wait I am getting ahead of myself.

I was catching the Xbox nation podcast tonight(which was a miracle since youtube has been sucking at sending alerts lately and Youtube Gaming sucked at showing me the start of the podcast) because I enjoy some of the hosts gaming videos MAINLY about Xbox of which I am MOSTLY a Convert, when Xbox live dropped my heart was stolen forever blu ray got me to give Sony some love for 5 years, so of course I want to hear news about my preferred console. As usual there were a few Sony Die hard fans in the chat(also known as Pony’s since it rhymes just go with the sophomoric humor) and while some of them really do want to talk about games, even if it is in a trolly fashion others come in to SWEAR we are all liars. Which is always hilarious, like “wow you are calling me a liar for saying I like something, as if you could PROVE somehow that I don’t like what I claim is this thing I spent money on and are possibly CONTINUING to spend money on.”

Somewhere near the halfway point of the podcast the charge was laid down, “You guys always say you on Playstations but you never give out your PSN tags” to which I am like ummm whatever Primaldata2010(I originally said data 2010 I forgot no spaces on PSN) and for XBL Primaldata 2005, which if you are curious are the years I got each of my last gen consoles. I got the Xbox 360 first because Multiplayer and Xbox live, when that finally died late 2009 early 2010 I then forked over the dough for a Playstation 3 so that I could enjoy movies on Blue ray(which I really did). Yes I played some of the games, even got up to like level 5 I believe in gamer score. The thing with me and Playstation I don’t play a lot of single player games, yes maybe sports, sometimes an RPG but for the most part it’s multiplayer and online. That’s me, it’s what I like and it is the main area that Sony needs to shore up because while it offered online Multiplayer way back in 2004 when Final Fantasy 11 shipped with it’s Hard drive and Ethernet expansion unit it has always seemed like an afterthought. I believe the best way to put it is that for Sony and it’s playstation division the MAJORITY of its bread has always been buttered in the RPG and platforming arena. Which is fine, they do have some great Single player games and when I was into platforming I did enjoy playing them on my PS2 and PS3(the few I bought).

When I bought my Xbox 360 I could play shooters, driving games, Platformers, RPG’s, Arcade style games, and my sports games. I could also enjoy a bunch of different time sink games all of which had an online multiplayer aspect. Many of my friends also purchased Xbox 360’s and so did my siblings it was a perfect place for me to game. It was so perfect I racked up roughly 10k gamerscore in no time, still mostly playing MULTIPLAYER games. Yes I played your Marvel Ult Alliances here or there, I enjoyed Lumines for a time, and pinball(back when arcade games offered nothing but 200-250 gamerscore tops) I also owned a Wii(though it spent the MAJORITY of its time in Atlanta with the now ex-wife). It is kind of funny when you think about it, I have done all this gaming and yet because first somebody can’t read (I may only be 2% into trophy level 7, but a 7 is still a 7) and second because they couldn’t accept that someone could own both current Gen systems and pick a different one than they themselves like I have to be a casual gamer. I think the guys youtube name is Bossy Coconut or at least the one he/she chose to chat in the stream with.


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