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Primaldata CASUAL Gamer

Now to be fair I have the Youtube attached to my Yahoo account which SHOULD be Primaldata and then the one attached to my Gmail account which I BELIEVE is SameOldPrimalData. Yup that’s right Primal and Primal, I use Sameold since most of the time I am surfing youtube on my Android devices. Anyway here’s the thing when you throw down a gauntlet and it is picked up, respect if your challenge is answered don’t try to compound the problem by first LIEING and then pretending that “Oh well proving me wrong really isn’t that big a deal” you were proven wrong just accept your request and go. Ladies and gentleman to be a 2 console owner and have enough gamer accolades on BOTH to be in a decent tier level is not a casual gamer. I know casual gamers, they play here and there don’t really complete anything but MAYBE their most favorite games, and have a very small variety. I probably have 60 plus games on both lists, that is for Playstation AND Xbox. I play what I like, buy the new thing I like play that and SOMETIMES go back to something old. Which now that I am CONSIDERING going to almost totally digital gaming(I still use gamefly so those will be the physical discs) is becoming a lot easier. Click on a game, bring it up, let it load enjoy a few missions and exit out of it when I am done.

Just the hilarity though, you are a casual gamer because you don’t have 100 trophy level on playstation(I don’t even know if that is possible. I don’t know how many games you would have to play, I am FULLY being facetious with that) you aren’t a real gamer. Oh and my favorite second claim was, “oh and you like multiplayer because you don’t have any friends” which the people who I actually do game with on my friends list(some of whom I sometimes hang out with in real life, not just online) might disagree with that. I game online because I like the extra level of difficulty that playing against actual people adds, AI’s can fall into patterns and then be either worked around or tricked. Real people, they have differing styles, habits, and work arounds. I also like that it is almost like having 10+ people on the couch with you playing(even though I am not on the mic as much anymore. I have a mic for each system, rarely use them since not too many others do either). I found my preference and as a preference I do exactly what most gamers do, whatever the fuck I want.

By the way those are really my gamer tags, when I say I am Primaldata everywhere I really do mean it. I am not on PSN NEARLY as much as I used to be since again Playstation is the home of mostly SINGLE PLAYER offline games. Even now I am taking a break from playing Crossout(which I need to make a “What I am playing blog” for) to write this. Which is a multiplayer mad max like driving while fighting game.

Seriously though, I am not saying I am a HARDCORE Gamer, and nowhere near a pro gamer, but Casual. I put in hours damn near every night. I am at least an Average gamer, probably a steady gamer but casual? The main focuses of the podcast tonight were Xbox One X and it preorder sales that apparently opened and sold out in Italy today. As well as a few Sony news hits, the state of Lawbreakers which requires a blurb all its own and not for the game which tells you a lot about the game if it isn’t even the main story of a post about it. As with most live shows the fun is always had in the chat, this is not to say that all Sony fans are annoying, some of them just like that the Playstation is just where they want to be, playing single player games, by themselves with little to no interruptions(now that I think about it, how do I NOT have friends if I am playing multiplayer and you are playing all by yourself only talking to scripted NPC’s). And as a gamer I am happy that folks are finding the escapes, relaxation, and releases that they need maybe that is my CASUAL Gamer attitude though because a REAL gamer should be chomping at the bit to tell you how much of a real gamer you aren’t for not meeting some arbitrary criteria that I have.

Anyway this is getting long-winded, but as somebody who has been gaming since the 2600 at home, Donkey Kong, pong, and Galaxian in the arcades I really don’t think my Gaming Bona fides are really in question, probably just the fact that I was willing to be fact checked. In this current world of ours NOTHING is worse than actually having the receipts when somebody came for you unprepared.


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