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I know I missed the last 3 conferences last week(6/21/2017) Throwback Thursday

Somehow I forgot to finish this one, I don’t even know where I planned to end it. I got into a whole spiel about how cool it is with the new developments in flash/portable memory and zoned out somewhere down there but what do you know, it’s thursday and even though it is late afternoon why not make this 2 month old Gem TODAY’S THROW BACK THURSDAY POOOOOOOST(say it like Powdered toast man in your mind). It is what it is, I still haven’t finished watching the rest of the E3’s either smh



I will work on talking about them later. I hear that Nintendo ACTUALLY gave us a real conference this year instead of “All Zelda all the time” like we are even getting a NEW Metroid game, which I mean I ain mad about. But where are the complaints at Nintendo about New IP that we always hear about Microsoft. I also hear that there is a new game coming out called Skull and bones, I will check both of them out and talk about them. Busy week, lots of crazy and SOME of last weeks conferences were kind of draining(yes you Sony). Don’t worry I am not gonna harp on them again, because it’s not like Bathesda didn’t just wave it’s dick in everyones face by giving us MOSTLY VR versions of their more popular games, PLUS a Zelda added into Skyrim, that they are sending to the Nintendo Switch because hey Milk the FUCK out that cow right.

We may also talk about resolutions and frame rates. I think a lot of people are forgetting one very important thing: This is the video game industry not unlike the movie industry it doesn’t matter what equipment you have at home it matters what the CREATOR of the media you are about to play on said equipment is either comfortable working in, or else has the equipment to create for. Remember when we first started getting the new Ultra HD movies, remember how many studios actually had those Cameras. Yes the big boys: Lucas, Spielberg, Abrahms, and probably Micheal Bay what about every one else? If they still have their high quality mostly analog rigs? I mean yes they COULD spend that money right now to upgrade but especially if they are GUARANTEED that everybody who is gonna see their movie is gonna to head to a theater with a digital projector and as we know the all digital recording process is less forgiving why take the risk?

4k TV’s are new, what 2 or 3 years old maybe? remember that 2k TV you just HAD to have or did you FORGET 2k since it lasted what a year, year and a half. How about people who JUST shelled out 2,000 plus for a 4k TV only for EVERYBODY to now be on the 4K HDR kick? Speaking of HDR not all HDR’s are created equal so you don’t even know what HDR format is going to win out yet. I love the bleeding edge as much as the next guy, but I also respect that when we are starting to get high turn around on ALL of our digital devices let’s be real creators ain stupid just like consumers ain stupid. Most folks would RATHER wait until closer to the END of the cycle now because being in the beginning or EVEN middle of a new product cycle since that could be the difference between a product being $2500 or $800 dollars thats right it isn’t half as much it’s a third. Go look up the prices from a year ago on some of the 4k HD tv’s you see on sale now same sizes hell some of them the larger sizes.

Ladies and gentleman this is a crazy time, you can get 512 GB of space on a flash/thumb drive now. that’s right you can get the same amount of data that people are getting on their REASONABLY priced SSD(I mean compared to what Sata drives costed during the first run into the GB arena they are reasonable) and it will fit into your pocket. You can get more space than most people are getting on their laptops if they are buying the middle of the road one in a passport drive for around 100 bucks(either a 1 TB or a 2TB) which is probably the entirety of all data that was ever stored on computers up to like 1999-2003 era. Folks think back most of the kids graduating high school right now used computers that probably only had like a 500 MB hard drive in it. I remember when a 100 MB mega drive disk was like Mind Blowing(and that wasn’t even 20 years ago). I know you’ve seen the tumblr posts(and some classic, jeez I am about to call 80’s movies classics, 80’s movies) where you see on saturday morning cartoons and some shows that the bad guy had 1 FLOPPY DISK(even if it was the tinier, stiffer 10 mb versions) that held all the information he needed to take over the world.

I mean watch the first Matrix movie, Tank is popping in those old 10 MB floppies to teach Neo how to fight, how to show Trinity how to fly a helicopter. It’s 10 mbs people or what you use now to create a document file. Guess what a CD, which nobody is going to know what is in a few years, that only holds 700 MB’s we barely even had a good run with that before it got replaced by DVD’s. DVD’s had all of 7 years, that was it the life cycle of the PS2 because when the PS3 came out with it’s blu rays it was all over, want to hear something crazy: DVD is only 9 GB, Blu ray is like 50 GB you can carry 5 blu rays in your pocket for less than 100 bucks, 5 being roughly 250 gb.

256 gb’s is

  1. More hd space than the Xbox 360 Launched with in 2005(120 GBs*)
  2. More Space than the PS3 Launched with in 2006
  3. The same size as the HD I got in the PS3 I bought in 2010
  4. Half the space in the Base Model Launch Xbox One, Low tier Xbox one S, and Xbox One X(to be referred to in the future as either Kisses and Hug or XX since it’s initials are X O X)
  5. Half the size of the Launch PS4, base PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro
  6. The same size as most Solid State Drives people are picking up off the shelves
  7. 4 times as much HD space as MOST of the high end smart phones
  8. 4 times the HD size of an Ipod Touch 6th generation
  9. The SAME amount of HD space as in an Ipad Pro

There is an asterisk by 120 gb’s because they later sold an ARCADE version with a smaller HD and another version with NO HD. On top of which how many of us even really BUY blu rays like that now, how many folks are all about that Digital Streaming(which companies now offer digital copies with some higher cost versions of the blu ray since you are probably going to find someplace to stream it anyway). 10 years people, we have essentially gone through 4 types of Media in 10 years, the VHS tape had a good 20 year run if I am not mistaken. Yes CD was there but it never took over as the default video standard, it survived the birth(and death) of Laser Disc, beat out it’s early competitor Betamax, and lived alongside the roll out of Cable, Satellite, and then the internet like it was nothing. And my 10 years is the period between 05-15. Folks can still buy a CD but how many folks just buy it off their itunes/Google/Amazon/the MP3 off of a store site? How many people own a dedicated CD player versus just storing on either their phone or maybe an mp3 device which is technically a phone that can’t make calls unless you are on wifi.

You really don’t even need a Blu ray player anymore since you can buy the HD version off of


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