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Primaldata Casual gamer Revisited

Does Mike Ybarra read my blog? Does he listen to Xbox Nation podcast? Cause out of nowhere the very thing I mentioned that “I don’t have high trophy or gamerscore levels because I play MOSTLY multiplayer, online, and there aren’t too many achievements for that.” Welp hold their beer Xbox is here with the save, we got you playa folks gone respect all them Tea bags you give out in Halo, CoD, and Battlefield. I originally heard about this upcoming change for @_Crapgamer where he discussed a windows central article that mentioned they were looking to augment gamerscore. Specifically that since there are a lot of folks who do esports(as well as stream) certain games all day long, whether it be on contract or because they have fans who watch for certain games(I know there are a few streamers I watch just to see them play certain games Fallout 4, Gears 4, etc).

It’s kind of funny right, “You can’t get a job playing video games” except, you can. You can get a few jobs playing, talking about, and reviewing video games. Youtube Gaming, Twitch, Mixer, and Ustream off the top of my head all services dedicated to the viewing of video games. I am curious though, let’s speculate about exactly HOW they could Augment Gamerscore to include say “Newbs Pwned,” “Melons Popped,” or even “Cheesey Combos Executed”

First as stated last time PSN I am Primaldata2010 the significance of this username being it’s when I bought my PS3 after my Xbox 360 died, hey I just wanted a blu ray player *shrug*. On Xbox Live of course I am Primaldata 2005, I DAMN NEAR had a launch day one Xbox 360 but I got it for my anniversary and of course history was made. That’s it my regular username and the year I got the system “Wait, I thought you said you were on Xbox live in the beginning?” I was, just under a different gamertag because me and my brothers used the first Xbox to play online. The 360 was mine all mine though, which is why it got MY name not the community one(which was Birdspawn).

So yeah but what COULD they do to show how much time you have put into a game that you POSSIBLY haven’t scored all the achievements for(and may not even attempt too)? Maybe they could put an hours played counter under your gamerscore. Granted right now Gamerscore pops up perfectly you can see how many achievements they have gotten, and if you wish to see their full profile click on the option and boom you can check their gamerscore, compare trophies, all that jazz and I guess they could show your hours played and favorite game(not unlike the two sites I linked up there). Because to be fair there are SOME online achievements, and some games that have a whole host of them(Forza does, Crossout does, Star trek online, etc) but that is rarely a full 1,000 points. Maybe they could color code your gamerscore so that the more hours played you get a certain accent. Then again we all tend to choose colors we like so that might screw with that.

The next option is to put a / in the middle side one achievements and side two multiplayer dedication. So you get some type of points that doesn’t mess with your original score but does give you the secondary score for hours played. How far it will go back who knows because that is a lot of games to add points for. Crap mentioned a rolling KDR(Kill to Death Ration) which has no appeal to me because I tend to rush right into the multiplayer and I am not overly concerned with Kdr just trying to win the match. All Kdr really means is that you either got a bunch of “last shots” in, because there are plenty of people in online multiplayer who see you battling it out with someone and then rush in to try to put in the final bullet. Yes as a player you get an assist(which was added much later) but unless you make it a KDR+A counter are you really serving somebody who may have been awesome in support but maybe didn’t get the kill. Hell When I play crossout I may get 2 or 3 cannon shots on somebody just for the dude using machine guns to get the kill. Machine guns do anywhere from 6-50 damage a pop my cannon unless I catch the ground next to you tend to do 150 plus. And if I catch you in a good spot I have done anywhere from 300-1000(don’t put all your extremely explosive parts next to each other or leave them expose one well placed shell and BOOM). Plus Crossout doesn’t give you credit for weakening opponents if you die. Also what if you play online fighting games like Killer Instinct KDR doesn’t really reflect all of those king of the hill wins.


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