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Primaldata Casual gamer Revisited

It is intriguing, hell Gamerscore was intriguing when they first invented it. At first we were just playing games for the fun of it and you got where you got to. Now though you have the online component where you can compare how dedicated you are to completing various levels of a game, and different difficulties. And getting that thousand isn’t always easy, in the beginning a lot of games kept it pretty simple usually you had to do maybe 5 or 10 things get between 100 to 250 in gamerscore for each achievement and boom easy thousand. Also you had the Arcade games on Xbox 360, they were usually short games, time sinks and the like, they didn’t give you a full thousand but if you can complete half to 2/3’s that’s a free 100-175 points to help pump up your numbers. And a lot of those games were fun. I liked the Zuma’s and the Hexic’s. The original Pinball Arcade was even 250. A bunch of little crazy titles, that were free or extremely cheap that you could just kick back and have fun with, a bonus of  up to 250 gamerscore for your troubles. Now many of even the Arcade style games come with a gamerscore of 1000, BUT thanks to the explosion of DLC 1000 may no longer be the max you can get from a game.

Games like Fallout, CoD, Gears, Killer Instinct, and even Forza have seasons now. So as they put out new content they sometimes give you more achievements for completing said content. Currently there is only one game I have over 1000 GS in and that is Gems of War. It’s a combination card puzzle game. you match up gems or skulls, do damage to an opponent, and the last person to have a card standing wins. I believe I have 1265 from that game. I have also put HOURS into it as well, that isn’t a quick game. You have to level up your cards, fight lots of opponents conquer territories.  It’s just a nice way to have to focus on something that isn’t to major, your problem solving but if you don’t get it right the world isn’t going to end. So I wouldn’t mind being able to show people hey just because I don’t have all the achievements, and games with secret achievements are the worst you never know what you have to do to get the damn things,  doesn’t mean I don’t game daily. At the same time I worked hard to get that 19,000 gamerscore  I also don’t want it cheapened by just throwing a bunch of random points, I think you could improve the system going forward possibly add points for those who stream, hell for those who just grind it out all night long. I respect that top 5 Halo players may not have taken the time to play the campaign all the way through just enough to get a feel for most of the weapons and roll into pwning fools. Yes they deserve more respect for the amount of work it takes to get that good, so Microsoft “What ya got for Me!”


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