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Getting ready to watch Microsoft at GamesCom

As you all know back to school is rolling out, what you may not know is that this is about to be the home stretch for many industries. Back to school means the beginning of Fall, and the beginning of fall means it is time to get ready for Holiday 2017. Thats right if it is almost the end of Summer, close to the beginning of the month of September that means that we are 4 months away from Christmas. And companies have to position themselves to be THAT ITEM that all the GOOD(or passably good, hell just passing on their first report card of the year) litttle girls and boys are going to annoy the every loving fuck out of their parents for. As a former child the useless pieces of plastic that I hoped and dreamed on REALLY ramped up the advertising right about now. The new Die Cast Optimus Prime, the new Playstation, Or Nintendo, or Sega, Or Atari(I can’t say Xbox I was fully grown by the time Microsoft joined the gaming race).

If it wasn’t this system it was a game{ Joe Montana, Madden, Lakers vs Celtics, Lakers vs Bulls, Nba Live, MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAT!(what doesn’t everybody say it that way in their heads?), or even street fighter. As such everyone has a million and a half conferences or expos leading up to the end of summer to show off their latest and greatest. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was in June, Microsoft and Sony were both there, each showed off their wares, but now it is Gamescom Sony has decided to bow out AGAIN this year instead going to Paris Games Week for what reason I don’t know. Did the Gamescom folks piss in Sony’s corn flakes? *Shrug* what it does do though is give Microsoft a rare opportunity to take the stage with absolutely no rebuttal whatsoever. They can show off their newest games, give the upcoming Xbox One X center stage, as well as convince more people that 500 dollars (plus tax) needs to be sent their way.

At first many people were saying this was about to be a load of hot air coming from Microsoft, “They just delayed/cancelled Crackdown 3 they really don’t have anything to show at Gamescom they should just give up!” Which turned into multiple leaks of what could have been a few of Microsoft’s surprises. For those who pick up an Xbox One X either through Pre Order or Deathmatch on Launch Day(have you seen those crowds, I ain playing) we now know that they will get a specially engraved unit that has Project Scorpio(The One X’s codename) Day One Edition written on both the console and the controller. Supposedly there is also a new IP called “Hollywood” that should be debuted today. For a company accused of having nothing left but hot air they definitely had people digging through the ether to be “THE FIRST TO KNOW” like leak culture is real folks, and to have that scoop is almost like sex(I supposed).

I am currently tuned into Mixer(Microsoft’s Game Play Streaming Service) waiting along with 40,000 strong to see exactly what else Phil Spencer has to show us. I am hoping it is a good show, a good showing and that possibly we get access to a few betas as well as the OFFICIAL announcement of the first Pre-order date for the Xbox One X. It should be fun, I am hoping for a good show if you wish to watch it on Youtube Gamescom, Mixer enjoy the show


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