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When your kids are awesome but you with the shits

So round about March as we were planning for a June birthday I asked a simple question: Eagles Superbowl Ring OR Satellite radio. The choice was Satellite radio, so a plan was hatched.

  1. Find out how hard it is it to get an SiriusXm ready radio to be SiriusXm radio
  2. IF it ain easy, how much is it gonna cost
  3. if it isn’t wildly expensive, how long is it gonna take
  4. and can they do it at the store I was trying to buy it from

So yeah, with that plan I went up to my local Geek Squad house and hit them up for some prices. For what it required it was around 500 bucks and could be done in a few hours once the parts came inwhich supposedly would be within 2 weeks. So I hit up the siblings and came up with a plan. yall come up with an even amount each and I will give double. We should have all the dough and I will cover taxes and any unexpecteds that come up. Now the problem was of course, the car wasn’t in town for weeks so I DIDN’T want to set up an appointment to get radio installed only to miss it. Then go through the MILLION reschedule dates where a PART can go missing or get lost mainly because as they get pulled out and then put back folks are human, put this part on the wrong shelf, lose this screw, this part gets left out. Yeah nah, I’m good on that.

The install is scheduled now though, and FOR ONCE procrastination had its priviliges a lot of the stuff that needed to be purchases was on sale. Which the tech had told me would probably be the case he initially gave me a “Worst Case Scenario” price which is fine, I appreciate that. Always better to have MORE money than you need than less. Which if nothing else, I save a few bucks since said sale prices reduce the amount of money I have to personally put it. HEY sometimes, it’s like that and that’s the way it is. There was some MILD ribbing about the delay but like I said, if the Vehicle or place where I need to have something installed ain readily available just guestimating doesn’t work for me too many variables too much time that can be wasted and shit to go wrong. Like isn’t the whole reason you pay for a professional install of ANYTHING so that you can have peace of mind? well me too. I am personally glad satellite radio took off, just like any other streaming service being able to “hear what you want when you want and not having to CONSTANTLY search for a new channel” is really kind of cool. I personally like Backspin, a lot of the sports channels ESPECIALLY in season when my teams are playing, some of the political channels. My siblings love the comedy channels, for me it depends on WHO’s bit is on the radio. I don’t find everybody funny, and even if their JOKE is funny some people deliver it like pulling teeth.

So either way it really isn’t an enjoyable experience, now yes that does allow you to discover some NEW comics but new doesn’t always mean better. But hey, give me my old school and I’m good. Now maybe so other spot would have had the parts IN STOCK or gotten them in stock sooner, but as I fucks with Best Buy daily, I can get to that one easily, AND I know that since I am a reward zone member I get the double benefit points and peace of mind if something goes wrong. Even added the protection plan(since we were coming in under budget) so if something goes wrong it has to be fixed or replaced.

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