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Electronic Arts, yes we REALLY showed you RTS gameplay BEFORE the hype trailer

This really says it all about EA’s conference. Way too much talking, and they showed a FUCKING RTS gameplay moment before the trailer. Seriously Nobody gives a fuck about a MOBILE RTS GAME. I was dumbstruck when I saw that, my internet decided to die at EXACTLY that moment. Like “I’m giving you bandwidth for THIS SHIT, Fuck outta here” and honestly, I really can’t blame it. They LITERALLY showed a quick RTS match, like I was gonna run them my money right then and there.

THEN they showed this awesome trailer with smooth graphics and all kinds of character awesomeness THAT DOESN’T EXIST IN GAME. Now seriously, I woke up late for this conference(but not by much it seems) so I missed all the pregame, I didn’t see all the information on the first game showcased (Battlefield V) and I heard that there was a big to-do about the Microsoft E3 showcase tomorrow HOPEFULLY Microsoft doesn’t put me to sleep.

So Battlefield V They have decided to go back to WW2. Now you will be able to move gun/weapon emplacements(which honestly that is a good advancement). That might actually really tilt the balance of play, IF you have a large vehicle(a tank or something) and you can pull the Anti Aircraft or Anti Vehicle gun CLOSER to your spawn point it keeps the large-scale weapon better under your control. Call of Duty gives you the killstreak Battlefield gives you the ability to hop in a vehicle and lay waste to opposing forces. I have said it before and I will say it again: I prefer more modern guns or FUTURISTIC guns. Let me burst fire or spray and pray my way to a “how the fuck did you kill me you should have been dead already” rant in peace. Not this pop, pop, pop shit semi auto sucks. (okay enough of my whining) Supposedly we get the Campaign info tomorrow at Microsoft’s conference, it’s a shooting game in the 4k age. It looks pretty

Then of course they showed off Fifa 19 this years Fifa installment. Lots of talk of the world cup, an announcement of a Fifa 18 free trial with World Cup content. They also announced a MINI Fifa tournament for the Ea E3 stage(which I love Bach but come on now, that wasn’t Madden we Americans don’t regularly play Fifa like that). Fifa looked pretty but like any other annual installment game OF COURSE it is gonna look pretty. You only SLIGHTLY tweak the gameplay and THEN you work on the player scans. I mean I COULD play Fifa, I have EA access I just be forgetting to play fifa. And I was a huge fan way back in the day when it first came out. Me and the crew back in the Wold played EVERYTHING. INCLUDING Fifa, I wasn’t that good but it was a fun game to play.

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