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Electronic Arts, yes we REALLY showed you RTS gameplay BEFORE the hype trailer

Next EA announced a new partnership for CLOUD gaming with a team from Israel. As well as Origin Access Premiere which seems to be a new service for PC like EA Access. Supposedly one login for everything. That is fine, I am all about people having choice and access to more games.  I don’t know how PC folks feel about game streaming but hey it’s the future let’s see how it works out.

Then we got the announcement from Respawn Entertainment about Star Wars Jedi Fallen order. Ain nothing on the net about it yet video wise but it supposedly releases next year. Holiday next year, so we shall see. I won’t lie this is a cringeworthy segment I don’t know what the hostess is TRYING to do but it’s like ummm MOOOOVE ON.

Next we had Dennis from DICE who was trotted out there to apologize for how POORLY Star Wars Battlefront 2 did. I think it got a bad rap, the game is fun but I can understand some people hating lootboxes. They talked about the rest of the Solo season content, as well as the feedback about how much people loved Ewok hunt, Kessel, Extraction Mode, They are FINALLY adding a Squad system, Hero Starfighter Dogfights. And a Multiplayer sandbox Capital ship Destruction. As for the Clone Wars content(This year): Grievous, Dooku, Geonosis, Anakin, and Obiwon Kenobi. Honestly gget up off Denni’s NUTS it ain his fault EA made them fuck this up, get in EA’s ass.

Next we see the reveal trailer for Unravel 2 and some gameplay. Basically the Orange yarn starts out on a ship in some water AND GETS WRECKED, like seriously why yall give them money they just took your boy and fucked him off early. This ain me, they did that on a boat but himself, got him dirty, faded and tossed out his spark. Unravel 2 is Co-op, but if you are playing by yourself you can GRAB your little friend and have them hug you(hey, this is an interesting escort system, I give them that) and then go about the mission. One of you can be a decoy, you are connected and run through the puzzles. I see how Cuphead turned out, the “How could you betray me faces” I am pretty damn sure will be rampant in Unravel 2 as well. By the way Unravel 2 released today so if you like what see play away.


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