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Electronic Arts, yes we REALLY showed you RTS gameplay BEFORE the hype trailer

Then we had the EA Originals portion of the show, last years darling A Way Out‘s box art was shown and they then discussed their new partner Jo-Mei games. Now THIS was one of the more interesting moments, I swear the rep from Jo-Mei was 3 seconds from hyperventilating. As she discussed Their new game Sea of Solitude which follows a young girl who’s feeling of loneliness has LITERALLY turned her into a monster and you are on journey to turn her back. Small Studio, kind of platformy like Unravel, if you like this type of game you should have a blast.

Nba Live is back again, and they are continuing “The One” storyline. Your Create A Character can once again do either street ball or actual Nba season. Looks like AI(Allen Iverson) is in the game as well. It was a quick one, looks like a lot more gear, more players, and a “continuing” of the story line since I assume you are going to be a rookie again so you can’t really continue from last season, but hey this was a teaser so maybe you can.

Madden 19 with a Montage about Young Kiv and winning his first Madden belt. Yeah yeah, congratulations kid. But Seriously JuJu Smith is (Wide Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers) on stage with the current Madden Champion. Now I find it funny, that My Eagles win the Superbowl and ain really no love for the birds. You got the NY Giants making my birds look silly with all kinds of catches and cut back runs, OKAY. We still got the trophy though.

So yeah Mobile Real Time Strategy game portion of the show, LITERALLY WHAT THE SHIT. Who okayed this? Was it filler, did you lose a bet on the Superbowl? The NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup championship seriously WHYYYYYY. I want that portion of my life back that 5 or so minutes. Why waste time just so that people could see the new Command and Conquer Rivals DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE AWESOME TRAILER. Seriously the trailer makes it look all cool and edgy but here’s gameplay. So yeah, calm down it’s a mobile RTS be prepared to plop down all your dough to get better commanders, more resources, and swifter timers.

Before we get to Anthem the EA Ceo basically came out to say “Please stop hating us, we know we suck as human beings but now that you have social media we keep getting told how much we suck and asked about it. Ouch, right in the feels.”  I am glad Electronic Arts did some charitable giving STOP FUCKING UP OUR GAMES. But yeah good job on the charitable work.

And FINALLY Anthem we got a look at a few more Javelins(the power armor used in Anthem). There are 4 classes: Ranger(Probably Distance), Colossus(Tank), Interceptor(I’m assuming aggro), and then Storm(probably the suit version of a mage). Now, one of the guys on stage says “the ranger is built for up close combat” as the suit hits somebody with the Iron Man Missile rain from a distance. Apparently Colossus is just there to carry the heavy ass weapons that blows EVERYTHING off the map. No problem, like most of these 4 team co-op games make sure you have a good team who understands their roles KNOW YOUR ROLE Freelancers.

For the most part, this conference sucked. Madden is Madden, I like it I am going to play it. Didn’t really need to see much because ‘Updated roster some new mechanics, boom I’m there.” Nba Live I semi played so once again Updated Roster, when I want to play I will buy it not really much of a sales pitch. The mini Fifa tournament ummm that was kind of boring, they didn’t pick balanced teams and it was an ultra short match. The RTS segment drug it way down. If you like Unravel, that was probably your segment. Same with Sea of Solitude. To me not really my thing, they BARELY had anything I wanted so not really a SHOW for me. Welp we shall see tomorrow what Microsoft and Bathesda have to say.


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