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Bethesda At E3 2018: Okay Okay we heard you stop with the nagging

First Bethesda starts out by showing you their employees, and all the fun they are having making ALL the games that we love from Bethesda Softworks. Okay it WASN’T Bethesda Land but it was a victory lap. Granted Bethesda does make some awesome ass games and DOES get you to show them the money, I STILL haven’t finished Wolfenstein 2 BUT the shit is fun.

Pete Hines shows up smiling, spins around on his double-sided stage and then GIVES IT to Walmart Canada for LEAKING Rage 2. The “you fucking assholes” face he made was HILARIOUS. UNFORTUNATELY they decided that LIVE music was the way to go. I have NO clue who this band is, but I like the crowd was like WHAT THE FUCK. but To THE GAMES

Okay, so after we get done with the rockers we actually get Gameplay and trailers for Rage 2 there were flashes of it behind the band but it was hard to see it. They showed off some pre alpha footage, this looks like you are PLAYING the Road Warrior universe not only that but his WEAPONS are SICK. And he has an ACTUAL Rage Mode, they also decided to show you the Talking hear that you get when you buy the Collectors edition for 119 bucks. And once the gameplay as done we see a sizzle real with the song PARTY playing in the background.

Then we got Christian Van Hoose(Mclovin, hey they called him that on Mixer) showing us Elder Scrolls Legends, I really don’t care I mean I don’t mind mobile games and hey I downloaded Fallout Shelter so mobile games can be fun. But let me say this, I told you they LISTENED and they did because this Ain ALL you get.

Next we get Matty Firor who shows off the road map for the Elder Scrolls Online. Looks like they are adding more areas, another DLC and no I ain playing that game. I mean I am not ANTI MMORPG I used to play Final Fantasy 11, but still that is a HUGE part of my life that I ain got time for right now.


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